11 Awesome Minecraft Tips for Beginners


Are you new to Minecraft but don’t know how to start playing the game? If so, we are here to help by giving you the top Minecraft tips for beginners.

From telling you the first action you should perform in the game to defend yourself against monsters to finding materials you’re bound to conquer Minecraft in no time. Keep reading below to see what our top tips are.

1. Punch a Tree

When you start in Minecraft you don’t have anything. No tools, no shelter, no weapons, you’ll have absolutely nothing.

This is why the first thing you’ll need to do when you begin playing is to arm your character. To do this you will need to walk up to a tree and punch it until some wood falls onto the ground. This is one of the most important Minecraft tips for beginners.

Wood is one of the basic materials you’ll need for the entire game. You’ll need to gather logs then go into your inventory and turn them into planks. It’ll take 4 planks in the mini crafting grid to create a crafting bench which will open up a lot of possibilities.

2. Make Your First Tool

When you play Minecraft you’ll have to carry a tool. Using the crafting bench that you’ve just built you can create your first weapon to protect yourself.

The most basic thing you can create is an ax. To create the wooden pickaxe you will need some sticks and some wood planks. To make life easier you can look up a crafting guide to help you figure out what is needed to create what. This will help to save you a lot of time later in the game.

With your brand new tool, you’ll be able to get new materials such as stone. The stone can be used to craft other tools and various versions of these tools.

3. Food Is Important

In the game, you will need to keep your character nourished. Every action you perform is going to cost you some hunger points. You can grab food from animals, berries, and fish.

4. Find a Cave

A top tip in any Minecraft tutorial for beginners is to find a cave. Caves are tunnels that are naturally created and can extend underground in the environment. Caves come in many sizes from small to big and are useful as shelters and a great place to gather materials.

5. Build Your House or Shelter

Having a shelter in Minecraft is very important because when night comes the game becomes very dangerous. Nightfall will spawn monsters that are called Mobs. These Mobs come out when the sun goes down with one job, to attack you.

At the beginning of the game, these Mobs are your biggest threat, so you’ll need to protect yourself from them. The best way to avoid them is to sleep in a bed. You can build a bed by killing sheep and collecting their wool.

To craft a bed you’ll need wool from the sheep and some wood. Keep in mind that sheep are found in certain biomes in the game. With this said, the first night in the game is going to be hiding in your shelter.

Using a material such as wood, dirt, or stone you can use your tools to gather enough materials to create a shelter. This shelter will be basic the first night but later on, in the game, you can make it more complex.

6. Light Up the Night

Monsters in Minecraft hate light. It’s a good idea to craft some torches and to light up the inside of your shelter so Mobs don’t spawn inside. Even try putting light outside to keep the monsters at bay.

7. Dig a Mine to Collect Materials

After you’ve found a cave you should dig down and build a mine. Mines will let you gather iron which will let you create tools that last longer. Small tan flecks in the grey walls of your mine are iron ore and can be extracted with a pickaxe.

8. Create a Farm

Creating a farm will provide you with an unlimited food supply. You will need to have built a hoe and a bucket to create your farm.

Using your bucket creates a small pool of water. Next to this water pool use your hoe to plow the grass into rows that are no greater than four spaces from your water. Now you will need to gather seeds by cutting grass around your farm.

You will then plant these seeds and wait for the harvest. Once they’ve grown in a few days you’ll have endless food.

9. Breed Your Animals

Breeding your animals is another great way to get food. You breed animals by finding two of the same type and feeding them food. Cows and sheep can eat wheat, chickens will eat seeds, and pigs will eat beetroots and carrots.

10. Update Your Shelter

Now that you’re deeper in the game you may need a better shelter to fend off the monsters. Try adding lights to your flat roofs and try turning your wood home into stone so it doesn’t burn down.

11. Find Diamonds

Diamonds are some of the rarest materials in the game. With diamonds, you can create great quality tools that are the top tier in the game. Diamonds will appear in your mines at lower levels.

Now You Know Minecraft Tips for Beginners

We have provided you with the top Minecraft tips for beginners. From surviving your first night to making your first tools you now know how to tackle the game and how to survive the monsters. For more gaming tips and information be sure to check out the rest of our website.