3 Essential Gaming Trends Here to Stay

gaming trends

Are you looking for the latest gaming trends today?

In 2019, the global video game market’s value reached the billions and it’s forecasted to grow until the next decade. Now, with the pandemic, people have more time to spend at home. We need to find ways to spend our time at home.

For gamers, the pandemic gave them more time to play and finish their games. This allowed them to look for other games and trends that they never had the luxury to check out before. With many trends for gaming available, they’re sure not to run out of choices, only struggle to find out where to start.

These are the three trends you will see often. Read what we have below and learn more.

1. Virtual Reality Games

The idea of virtual reality started in 1935 through the publication of a fictitious book. Through the years the idea grows until the first device emerged in 1957. The term virtual reality finally came to reality by 1987 and by 1991 the first virtual reality game appeared.

Virtual reality has a rich history, and we are lucky to see its applications. Some are familiar with virtual reality through pop culture, movies, and tv shows so it may seem unreal. However, the truth is it’s already a reality and you can experience it with video games and VR chat.

The application of VR not only limited to gaming, but also to education. As we discover more applications of VR, you can expect it to stay in the market and be relevant in your gaming experience.

2. Virtual Gamers

Virtual gamers or virtual YouTubers have taken the internet by storm. Virtual YouTubers are the latest trend in digital media that started in Japan. The idea of a virtual streamer is to stream your content and gain fame without the need of showing your face.

Virtual streamers are charming because of the use of characters that are pure 3D graphics. The idea may seem unappealing because of the lack of the presence of a real person. However, virtual streamers are like any other streamers that take a new approach to entertainment.

The appearance of these virtual celebrities has its advantages. It advances the field of real-time graphics and motion caption technology. Rest assured that virtual YouTubers are here to stay and we will see more of them for the years to come.

3. Games as a Service

The gaming industry has experienced many changes in the past years. An example is when mobile gaming became popular. This also created a huge demand for the development of mobile applications.

The current business model used by gaming companies is the incorporation of Games as a Service (GaaS). The focus of the GaaS is not looking at video games as a product. Instead, it’s seen as a service wherein more content comes out after the launch.

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Know Your Gaming Trends Today

As technology improves, so does your gaming experience. We can expect that within the next decade, we will see more improvements to the games we play and the experience we get. Pick up a game and join the fun.

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