5 Exceptional Reasons Why Furniture Dealers Should Consider 3D Visualization

3D Visualization

Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck in, things have not been the same in all industries, including the furniture industry. Things may not normalize soon; hence, dealers must develop better ways to ensure their businesses thrive.

The ideal solution to bridge the gap is going online. The advantage is that this is the era that almost everyone is craving for information, and any industry that takes this route will not lose the way. Check below the reasons why furniture dealers should consider 3D visualization.

Clients wish to see Room scenes

All buyers would always wish to visualize how the furniture they buy will look in their houses or offices. As a furniture dealer, you must be able to contextualize the furniture in a 3D graphic. 

You should combine elements that will help you capture a specific tone, mood, and quality in an in-context photo. These features will influence a buyer’s attitude towards your products, and you will, without a doubt, sell.

The product page can get buyers engaging

Product aesthetics is essential to any buyer’s decision. Any furniture dealer must have a captivating online page that would engage and entice buyers to check the details and click the buy button.

The benefit is that there are various features that a dealer can use to get that perfect page or presentation. For instance, zoom, alternate angles, and 360-degree view can help you remove that tactile sense on your products.

Customers can scrutinize the materials, texture, etc., and get the feeling they desire before purchase. Besides, you will improve customers‘ duration on the page if you use a 360-degree view. 

At the same time, the alternate angle feature will help the customers see how the products look from different angles. They can as well understand even the delicate details when you apply the detail shots.

Product customization

It is easier to have a single photo with all variations, unlike having various photos showing different features for the same image. A product configurator offers all details, including color, fabric, and finishes.

3D visualization of furniture is essential, especially for brands with a broad portfolio and many variations on their products. The main benefit of product customization is that a dealer can customize many home furnishings and reach a larger group of people with lesser costs.

You will solve the limited tradeshows problem

Tradeshows are very crucial for furniture brands. It can be expensive to acquire an extensive showroom if you have lots of products to show. Due to this limitation, you will only showcase fewer items to your audience, leaving behind others that could attract prospected buyers.

Today we are witnesses of how brands create an ultimate aisle experience using 3D product configurators. However, they still enjoy the privileges the trade shows offer.

Clients can access Downloadable images

Most if not all furniture brands have an image download feature on their pages. Since it is challenging and time-consuming to create a specification sheet for a piece of furniture, this feature really does great work.

The furniture industry is among the visual industry where buyers must always see before making an order or a purchase. Hence, any brand must go beyond the specification and descriptions and add photorealistic images of the products.