Top 10 Best Document Scanner Apps For Android Devices In 2020

Top 10 Best Document Scanner Apps For Android Devices In 2020

Recently, the digital world is flooding with Document Scanner Apps For Android Devices. A few claims to be the fastest scanning apps and others describe them to be the best PDF scanner apps. However, we always need a scanning app that excels in almost all the features.

So, here we bring you an article that offers an exclusive list of best PDF scanner apps that are reliable and renowned for its excellent performance in 2020.  

10 Best PDF Scanner Apps You Can’t Miss In 2020

Adobe Scan

Adobe is the most popular name for scanning and document management. You can use this document scanner app to turn any of your scannable papers into the Adobe PDF forms. It is an easy and reliable PDF scanner app.

  • With a few taps, you can scan books, documents, money receipts, and so on.
  • It also offers an instant sharing option.
  • The editing option helps you to enhance the quality of the scans.
  • User-friendly app with multiple features. The built-in optical character recognition (OCR) system works to enhance the file’s graphics and quality.

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We do not need any introduction to this one of the best Scanner Apps for Android. It is one of the most popular Android apps that never disappoints you in scanning documents using your phone. You can use it with a tablet, iPad, or even a computer too.

  • Just using your device you can scan any kind of documents.
  • Graphics and resolution of the scanned copy are very good and you get complete satisfaction.
  • You can print out the copy immediately using a printer.
  • Users can share the scanned copy with pdf or jpg files.

Download CamScanner

FlashScan – PDF Scanner
Document Scanner Apps For Android

FlashScan is famous for its fastest quality scans. This app offers a straightforward interface with diverse functions. Users have titled it- the best document scanner apps for Android.

  • It scans all types of documents in no time. You can scan bills, old photos, office documents, and even books!
  • It gives an intuitive OCR tool that is a master text extractor. It recognizes text from any virtual image and translates it from English to other languages.
  • This app also scans all sorts of codes. It reads accurate QR and Barcodes. 
  • The post-scan filters add various tones to the final scan as per the need of the document.
  • You can easily save, share, and delete any files and documents.
  • Use the Sort By feature to categorize your scans with name and modification time.

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Tiny Scanner It is a scanner app for Android that turns your device into a little portable scanner.

  • A lightweight app that scans all types of documents.
  • Users can scan photos, receipts, reports, etc with satisfying results.
  • Scans papers in different colors, black and white, and also maintains the graphics scale.
  • Users can set the page size for the PDF files.
  • Best app for the monochrome text that offers up to 5 levels of contrast.

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Microsoft Office Lens

Not only a paper but also old photos, receipts, bills, or any other notes on a white background can be scanned fully using this handy scanner app for Android.

  • You can use an optimized search engine to find files by their names.
  • Share files to Onenote, and many other media like Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Users can edit any files and it also lets you increase the graphical design of those copies with this app.

Download Microsoft Office Lens

Clear Scan

Clear Scan

Use this PDF scanner app to convert your handset into a tiny scanner. You can scan any kind of papers, papers, bills, photos, etc. With this scanner.

  • Get images of high-quality resolution with a single touch only using your phone camera.
  • Extremely fast scanning application.
  • Save files and documents in different folders and subfolders.
  • A flexible editing system.

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PDF Document Scanner Classic
Next in our list of PDF scanner apps for Android devices is PDF Document Scanner. It is a must-use app for scanning various types of documents.


  • Edit your papers whenever required.
  • The super-fast processing system.
  • Scan papers with a single touch.
  • Users can scan documents, pictures, and other written scripts using this app with the help of your mobile camera.
  • You can also customize the page size for the PDF folders.

Download PDF Document Scanner Classic

Scanner App for Me 

Document Scanner Apps For Android

With this app, you can scan all sorts of papers. It is a comprehensive scanning app that offers complete scanning satisfaction.

  • A multifunctional app with an easy to use interface.
  • Instantly share the scanned copies and print them for future usage.
  • Advertise free app.
  • Optical Character Recognition technology helps to extract the accurate things of the file.
  • Add a snap to the files using the camera.

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Document Scanner Apps For Android

Are you searching for an Android scanner app that can scan both documents, QR codes, and Barcodes? Try ScanPro.

  • A complete PDF document scanner app with multifunctional features.
  • Provides a scanned copy with satisfying graphics and resolution.
  • OCR text recognition is feasible to extract the same copy.
  • Scans QR codes and Barcodes.
  • You can scan multiple pages with only one effort.
  • Offers Annotations and user-friendly search engines.

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Choose TurboScan if you want fast, clean and high-quality scans. This scanner app for Android is easy to use and users of any age can access it without any technical knowledge of scanning.

  • It supports unification of the documents with  PDF, JPG, and other file formats.
  • Offers SureScan and email to myself functions for better overall experience and flexibility.
  • Edit receipts or images in a file.
  • TurboScan offers professional-grade tools for sharpness, brightness, contrast, rotation, color control, etc.

Download TurboScan

These apps are multifunctional and easy to use.You should pick the best Document Scanner Apps For Android like FlashScan that help you to simplify your scanning task.