How Are Video Games Useful?

Video Games

Although video games are incredibly popular at the moment, they have still had time in the limelight on many occasions – for the wrong reasons. When the technology was first introduced to the public, many viewed them as an unproductive means of entertainment. Those who had grown up before video games would have argued that playing outside was both more healthy and more beneficial to one’s social skills. Even worse, whenever an atrocity is committed by a young adult who plays a lot of video games, the activity is often used as a reason why the crime was committed.

Fortunately, these attitudes are no longer commonplace today and it is easy to see this by looking at how many people in the world call themselves gamers. This figure is in the billions so it is clear to see how the world has embraced gaming, a direct inversion of the public attitude towards it decades ago. The video game industry is gargantuan and has grown a remarkable amount in the last decade. The same can be said for the gambling industry which has also made similar strides thanks to the rise of online gambling. Many people simply prefer playing at sites like due to the convenience that home play offers.

Even though gaming is massive at the moment, there will still be some who think that video games are not the force for good that the world sees them as. However, once the medium is analysed and looked at past a surface level, their utility becomes clear to see. For example, they can be used as a great escape tool. Everyone will have something like this in their lives, be it movies, TV shows or sport. This is because sometimes people need a break from the daily struggles of their lives, and video games are just one way that people can unwind and take their minds of things. Compared to other mediums, it is easier to get immersed within video games thanks to their incredible interactivity.

Another way in which video games are useful is that they can surprisingly be educational. This might surprise some parents who have come into their child’s room to see them blowing people’s heads off on the screen, but the reality is that many video games can teach people about the world. Whether this is about human nature or our history, games like Assassin’s Creed and The Last of Us have a lot to say.

It might shock some to learn that video games can benefit health too. This seems unlikely considering that people typically sit in one spot to play them, but the reality is that playing video games increases both vision and hand dexterity as well as hand-eye coordination. Many fitness games are also played with the body and the remote instead of the controller.

All these benefits should make it evidently clear that video games are useful and deserve the limelight they are currently receiving. What is certain is that they are absolutely more beneficial than they are detrimental.