Liven Your Party with a Murder Mystery Kit

Liven Your Party with a Murder Mystery Kit

There are times curiosity could be turned into a factor for entertainment. In fact, it is a major factor of entertainment when we talk of acting, movies and such. Suspense, which is built around curiosity, is a major factor in drama and movies; this also has been incorporated into games. The ability of a play, movie or game to elicit curiosity and unpredictability heightens the excitement level it gives.

Murder mysteries are built around trying to solve a ‘murder’ or any other unresolved question. They are usually party games where one person plays the felon and others try to find out who amongst them is actually the felon responsible for the murders. The script might be such that the felon, from start, knows he is the guilty one. In some other scripts, he is a psycho, who gets to discover, in the course of investigation, that he is the one causing the entire havoc. These are games that could involve six people; and in some cases, as much as two hundred and fifty. You can get a more detailed explanation here.

A Century of Development

In their current form, these dinner games are usually designed so that every guest partakes. It is usually patterned to be done in the home of the one hosting the dinner. They could be interactive and they could equally be scripted. If your desire is to have people seated together roundabout a table, then a scripted game would be ideal. However, if you want them moving about and mingling, then an interactive game would be a better choice.

The first mystery games, about a century ago, were simply such where a fellow is picked to play a murderer; this is done secretly. He kills with a wink. Whoever he winks at, dies. The winking is done in such a way that only the person winked at sees the wink and dies. Others try to find out who amongst them is doing the winking. 

Jury box was released about a decade later. This blazed the trail in mystery murders games. After another decade, a pioneering board game called Cluedo was launched. Here, participants race to isolate and reveal the person responsible for the murders. Two decades later, Mafia was invented by Dimitry Davidoff. This became the forerunner of today’s interactive mystery games.

Century of Development

Scripted Versus Interactive

Scripted games make no provision for improvisation. You are expected to follow the script. While people are seated and reading from a script, effort is made to locate the culprit. In scripted games, a participant is free to add some acting to his/her reading. 

With interactive games, on the other hand, participants are briefed on the story with its main plot and subplots. After this, however they choose to go about resolving the murder, who they choose to interrogate, sitting, standing, however, is left to their discretion. The idea is to keep asking questions, having the first information given in mind, till participants feel they have enough answers to pinpoint the felon. It is usual to pre-inform participants to come to the dinner in the costumes of what they will be playing out. If you want to learn how to host one of such dinners, you can read this article here:

Good Games Come With Suspense For All

It is often better to have your game designed in such a way that the murderer does not even know he is the one; this helps remove the possibility of the murderer inadvertently revealing he is the one and therefore spoiling the fun of the game midway or even before it has kicked off. In the spirit of maximum fun for everyone, it is advisable to get the party host to be equally part of the game and its suspense.

It is not necessary to have the host not get involved by having him know already how everything is meant to end. A game is usually more fun with a victim. When no one knows who will be murdered, it creates suspense; the fun heightens when the murderer discovers he is the murderer after the deed is done.

When these games are properly designed, you will discover that it promises fun for everyone regardless of background. It’s usually a pleasure seeing educated professionals, artisans, business people, everyone equally having fun and showing a willingness to play whatever roles are assigned to them. Friends, families, companies, churches, and many other organizations have found these games as a means of building warmth, enhancing good relationships, improving communication, team building and growing skills.

You Do Not Need To Invent Your Own Game

 Invent Your Own Game

There are thousands of already-written murder mystery game kits and many are downloadable. The games may come simple; they may also be elaborate. Simple games may require no set up other than giving out roles to participants. Mystery games are not restricted to single room/hall events. There have been murder mysteries that have taken up many rooms with clues in different rooms. There are live versions of these games shown on TV. Usually, a venue like a hotel or such is chosen and actors move around to solve the murder. Internet versions have equally emerged, played by various actors online. A video is used to set the crime story.

It should be noted that not all games tagged murder mysteries actually have to do with a murder. It could be the search for any other thing, but always includes a culprit whose actions necessitated the search.

If you’ve never tried this game, you won’t know what you’ve been missing till you do.