NFL Preview: 5 Bold Predictions for the 2021 Season


The Olympics are over, and we’ve survived a strange two years. So, there’s only one thing left to get life back to normal.

It’s time for some football!

The season is around the corner, with players and coaches going through their paces. So before the snap of the season, let’s look at an NFL preview with five bold predictions for the outcome.

This year’s NFL favorites will have plenty of competition to reach the top of the class again. Some will make it, and some won’t.

So, keep reading to learn which teams, players, and coaches will thrive or be watching from the sidelines.

1. No Cavalry to the Rescue

Our NFL predictions begin by looking at who will suffer from changes that will force a step backward. Every season, teams struggle with who to move forward with and when to move on.

It’s like finding that magic piece of the puzzle fits. Every season, teams find out more about their rosters until they reach the top.

So, in this NFL 2021 season preview, let’s see who will be on the outside looking in. Who gets forced to wait another year for a shot at glory?

The place to look for NFL sleepers this season is in the NFC. That means teams expected to contend will end up on the rail. In the East, it’s anyone’s guess if someone will emerge as a clear winner. But, with Washington’s huge improvement on defense, it looks like Dallas is in trouble.

The Cowboys haven’t done much changing, and other teams know it. So, number one for our NFL predictions is Dallas missing the playoffs. Washington gets back to post-season play with a division crown.

The other big surprise could come from the North division. It all depends on Aaron Rogers and where he decides to play. If he stays with Green Bay, the Packers are clear NFL favorites to win it all. If Aaron leaves, the division is up for grabs.

That can only mean a dog fight between the Vikings and the Bears. The Chicago Bears are much improved, but Minnesota’s explosive offense gets the nod here.

2. End of an Iron Era

The AFC North will see the biggest change of all. Perrenial NFL underdogs, the Cleveland Browns are here to stay. But so are the Baltimore Ravens. Unfortunately, it looks like the Pittsburgh Steelers are on the outside looking in.

Big Ben Roethlisberger is showing the mileage on his arm. Short passes no longer have that zip as defenders wait with glee to pick him off. Sorry, Pittsburgh.

There are also some dark horses to watch this year. The Vikings and the Bears aren’t the only improved teams this season. However, the real NFL sleepers come out of the AFC this year. Kansas City expects to repeat in the west with Mahomes and company.

The East division is Buffalo’s for the taking. The secret is out on the Bills, but they’re up to the challenge. The Dolphins have great defenders as well, but there are still questions looming at quarterback.

3. Battleground South

The Cleveland Browns might surprise everyone by making a deep playoff run. With Baker Mayfield at the helm, the Browns will enjoy at least a wildcard spot. A division championship is not out of the question.

In the South, there’s a lot of talk about the Colts bouncing back. NFL predictions split between them and the Tennessee Titans for the division.

Let’s face it. The beast that is Derrick Henry will rule the division. But, with the addition of Julio Jones, the Titans look to go far. In fact, Tennessee looks so stacked we have to choose the Titians as a dark horse pick to go all the way. So, give the Titans pick number three.

The Bills are clear NFL favorites, and the Browns are much improved. But often, a little luck goes a long way to deciding a champ. The kings of the Music City Miracles could benefit again and make it to the Superbowl.

4. Breakout Performers

Speaking of players to watch. Every team goes to the NFL player draft with definite needs to answer. They all look for that diamond in the rough to explode on gameday. Some of those future stars are on NFL rosters already, waiting for the season to begin.

The Browns have Nick Chubb, a running back who could chase Derrick Henry for the total yards title. Chubb will surpass his rushing total of almost 1500 yards two years ago if he stays healthy.

Minnesota will rely on Justin Jefferson for a bigger year at wide receiver. He has the skills to become one of those NFL favorites to watch for years.

The Atlanta Falcons went to this year’s draft and picked out the cream of the stop. Tight end Kyle Pitts fits the mold. Rookies at this position don’t often start well, but this guy could change that pattern.

He’s a big man who moves like a wide receiver, so big numbers are possible. Kyle Pitts is the pick number four for NFL sleepers this season.

5. Smashing the Glass

So, who wins it all?

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucs return with full compliments of weapons from last year. Age means nothing to Brady, so the Bucs are NFL favorites to repeat.

The Kansas City Chiefs return to lead the AFC with a beefed-up offensive line. The loss to Tampa Bay will not sit well with Patrick Mahomes and company. Still, look for them to lead the AFC again this year.

But, this 2021 NFL preview is one for big surprises. You never know when a team chooses the best weapons available and combines skill with some luck.
Speaking of luck, one team mentioned in our NFL predictions has had their share of luck, mostly bad. This is the year all that changes.

Last year, fans watched Josh Allen blossom into a franchise quarterback in Buffalo. Finally, the Buffalo Bills will smash that glass ceiling and become Superbowl 56 champions.

Our NFL Preview Picks Are In

Our NFL 2021 season preview began with last season’s Superbowl combatants as favorites. The Bucs and the Chiefs are still the class of the NFL. But, there are no guarantees in pro sports.

Offseason changes won’t likely help teams like the Cowboys or the Steelers. But that opens the door for new contenders like the Colts and Titans in the AFC South.

The Browns and the Falcons have improved their personnel, but of them all, it’s the Titans that are ready to gel. Only time will tell.

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