Reasons Why you Need Proxy Servers

Proxy Servers

Proxy servers or proxies are words that most internet users must have heard of as an excellent method for securing the internet in public places or getting access to blocked sites. But the reality is the applications and capabilities of proxy servers like thepirateproxybay are much more than that. In today’s cyber-concerned digital era, all companies out there need to be extra careful of using their network. That is one of the reasons why proxies play a significant role in securing the network and even filtering all requests on the internet. 

Do you all think that proxy servers are just necessary to make sure security and anonymity of personal information? It is much more than these! 

Benefits of proxy connection

 In the following article, readers would find technical literacy, essential information for users who care about internet security, performance, and also control of the work of their staff or employees on the web. So, explore these amazing benefits:

  • To hide your real location.

Proxy servers are helpful if you are not present and do not want your colleagues, relatives, potential thieves, or bosses to know about them. Then, all you need to do is choose and connect proxy servers located in your company.

  • Protection & anonymity

The intermediary function permits proxy servers for enhancing your computer or smartphone’s security. They protect data from any cyber-attacks and offer encryption of traffic. 

There are several ways to hack your device. The potential attackers could access your files and PC on your hard drive with much malicious software: computer worms, viruses, and Trojan horse software. These cases are not by any means uncommon, and they mainly occur if running games online, downloading movies, or installing harmless software seemingly. Hackers could gain control on your phone or computer for organizing DDoS-attacks, for gaining access to social network pages, in order to spread viruses and spam, steal your accounts that are promoted in several games for their resale subsequently. By enabling proxy, you could increase the protection of your devices and prevent unauthorized access to your account.

  • To maintain high speed when watching movies & for convenience in games online.

Another purpose of proxy servers is to increase the speed of request processing. The proxy server saves traffic with the help of storing data copy in local storage, enabling you to download information faster when you need it next time.

You could play games online with better performance and efficiency without ever worrying about high pings and slowdowns. Proxy servers could even help you watch movies on various media resources and YouTube without annoying disconnections from your ISP or buffering obstacles.

  • To watch TV free in other countries.

All modern users will be able to watch most of the world’s popular TV channels on the internet, including Discovery Channel, BBC, etc. However, there can be restrictions, according to that the viewers should be in the same country as a TV channel. So, you will need a reliable proxy server like thepirateproxybay for getting around this convention.

  • Controls & restrictions for company executives

High-quality proxy servers are critical and must-haves for people in business. The proper use of this great tool helps to open many new possibilities:

Traffic balancing: With the help of proxies, you get the ability to rebalance requests to servers for eliminating restarts and making sure the uninterrupted functioning of the website on the client-side. This is the best way to increase conversion rates and also helps to improve the ranking of your site through behavioral factors.

Access control: You could always block access to messengers and social networks if you wish to increase your employees’ efficiency.

Test new performance and features: Once the proxy gets connected, the company manager would be able to easily view all the performance of features with the customers’ eyes. In addition, you could also check the speed of loading of the official site for several users from various countries for testing the internet resource’s performance in conditions of significant load.

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