Renew drivers license- Documents that are necessary!

renew drivers license

A driver’s license is the most important thing for everyone who owns a car. It is also a valid document for identity proof for every person around the world. Therefore it is always essential to renew drivers license before it expires. Because driving a vehicle without a valid license is illegal in any part of the world. It is mandatory by law to possess a valid driving license before driving a car on Indian roads. An expired driving license isn’t a valid document. Thus, you need to renew it to stay on the right side of the law. The validity of a driving license is 20 years, which is an extended period. You need to renew it before it gets expired or when you reach 50 years of age.

There are two ways of renewing a driving license – online and offline.

Online Renewal

Applying for a driving license renewal online will save a lot of your time. The government has made it possible to avail many transport-related services online and decrease visits to the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Visit this link to begin the process of driving license renewal online: After selecting your Indian state as per residence, click on apply online > services related to the driving license. You will be redirected to the application form. Follow the instructions step by step, and you will be asked to upload documents. Print the acknowledgment receipt and the forms. Fill them duly and upload the same. After the online process is complete, you will receive the renewed driving license via post. Driving license renewal online does not require the intervention of any third party.

renew drivers license

Offline Renewal

If you choose to visit the RTO for driving license renewal personally, you will have to make at least two rounds to the office. First, collect the application and other forms, and second, submit the documents for verification and payment of the fee. After you submit the complete set of documents, the RTO officials will begin the process of confirmation. In most cases, the renewed driving license smart card will come on the same day. If not, it might take around 30 working days to reach you via post.

So, when you are going to renew drivers license offline, here are some essential things required to renew it correctly. Here are them:

Renewal Form

You need to fill the Form Number 9 to apply for driving license renewal online or offline. You can collect this renewal form by visiting your nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) or download it from the respective Government website related to the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways or the country. This form has fielded about your details such as name, address, etc. You will be required to fill in the necessary information and sign the application form before submitting it. This application form needs to be accompanied by the below-mentioned documents for driving license renewal online or offline.

renew drivers license

Fitness Certificate

You can download the fitness form from RTO’s website. You need to get a certified physician’s fitness certificate stating that you are fit enough to drive a vehicle. Just because one was fit twenty years ago does not mean that the person will be healthy while applying for a driving license renewal. You need to be physically fit to drive a vehicle safely.

Driving License

You need to bring your existing driving license or the one that has expired. Your expired driving license is also one of the documents that are required. Necessary information is fetched from there for driving license renewal.

Proof of age

A photocopy of a valid government-issued document needs to be submitted to validate your age. Age is a key component of your driving license as which is proof of identity as well. A photocopy of your Aadhaar card is considered valid age proof for driving license renewal.

Address Proof

Your residential address is also displayed on your driving license. Thus, you need to submit proof of residence while applying for a driving license renewal. A photocopy of your valid passport is considered valid residential proof. Any change in residential address needs to be reflected in the updated driving license. The new address needs to be conveyed to the RTO within a month.


If you happen to relocate from one Indian state to another, you will have to get a No Objection Certificate from the RTO that initially issued your driving license.

Passport-size Photo

Passport-size photos need to be submitted with the application form while applying for driving license renewal. With the new Smartcard-type driving license coming in, your latest photograph might be reflecting in your driving license.

renew drivers license

Services for Driving Licence Go Online during COVID-19 Pandemic

In the wake of the rising numbers of Covid-19 infections in different parts of the world, the government has made DL services online. With the change to online services, the state government expects to reduce the number of people visiting RTO offices during the current situation. Services for driving licenses will be available through the national web portal Parivahan and applicants will have to first book an appointment through the portal before approaching the RTO. Services include the renewal of DL, issuance of duplicate DL, change in residential address, name change, issuance of extraction of DL, replacement of DL, change of biometric data in DL, issuance of No Objection Certificate (NOC), the surrender of Class of Vehicle (COV) and surrender of NOC. However, the online test for LL and DL will not be conducted.

It is essential to provide accurate information while filling up the application form. Also, the documents submitted need to be authentic. A renewed driving license is valid for a shorter duration as compared to the first-issued driving license. Upon renewal, it is useful for five years for a non-transport vehicle. For a transport vehicle, it is valid for three years. The fees can vary from state to state. Driving without a valid driving license is illegal in any part of the world. It can lead to a fine. You can also be imprisoned for three months for driving without a driving license or driving with an expired driving license. That is how you can renew drivers license.