The 7 Best Luxury Cruises to Make Your Destination a Reality Water

Best Luxury Cruises
  1. Golden Triangle Cruise: Exciting Affair

There are numerous cruises departing from India however, planning an extravagantly royal 12 night cruise trip within India can be one of the best that shouldn’t be overlooked. The journey begins at New Delhi to Kolkata along with the historic sites to the holy Ganges. A land-water trip that includes 7 nights aboard and 6 nights of land-based accommodation offered with Oberoi Hotels at New Delhi, Agra & Jaipur. A unique experience in India This cruise is a dream for water enthusiasts with luxurious experience throughout the cruise. Enjoy a wonderful time with your family aboard this boat.

2- Cordelia Cruises

Every couple and family dream of a time spent together that is their own version of the classic fairytale. At the beach, on an uphill or riverside spot. What would you do if you were able to celebrate the start of your amazing adventure on the blue waves of the ocean?

Set on blue waters the luxury Cordelia cruise is certainly a fresh trend and is one of the most original ways to bond with your loved ones. With stunning views, top-of-the-line services and breathtaking locations, make your cruise not only a memorable day but an unforgettable trip!

You can get married while sailing the world’s most beautiful destinations such as Lakshadweep, Sri Lanka, Goa and Diu on The Empress, by the sole and only Cordelia Cruises. “Weddings On Waves’ is a fantastic initiative created by Cordelia Cruises to provide each couple and their family members the opportunity to commemorate their wedding ceremony in an elegant way. Prepare yourself for an experience unlike any other as you walk on this magnificent beauty. This is unlike any other wedding venue, it’s where the vows of your wedding will be joined by ocean VIEWS.

Your guests can also enjoy the most enjoyable vacation by getting up to a different destination each day. In addition, you can enjoy the luxury cruise experience with an infinite array of facilities which range from top-of-the-line bars as well as restaurants, gyms, spas with luxurious spas, to entertainment, which includes the movie theater and live shows as well as a great kids’ arena, and more!

  1. Andaman Islands Glass Bottom Cruise: Ignited Wanderlust

In the list of the best cruise holidays available within India, Andaman is our second. Andaman is a heaven for those who love beaches and diving. A trip to Andaman is one you should not skip. This cruise departing from India will take you on glass-bottomed boats that offer stunning views of colourful corals that stretch along the strong waves and to exotic islands like Jolly Buoy and Neil Island. Treat your loved ones to a treat by booking this cruise package.

  1. Chilika Lake Cruise: Seamless Travel

A gorgeous hidden spot to enjoy a relaxing cruise in India is Chilka Lake in the Bay of Bengal. Around 60 kilometers from Puri and the most sought-after birdwatching destination for bird watchers.

The cruise takes you through the clear waters to view migratory birds such falcons, herons and spot-billed pelicans. It also stops on Rajahamsa Beach where you can see dolphins. Are you looking forward to this thrilling cruise?

  1. Kochi Cruise: Inspired Travelling

Are you looking forward to a boat ride through the shimmering waves of the ocean as the breeze moves you? Go to Kochi, one of the most well-known beach cruise locations in India. With perfect weather almost every day of the year and frequent visitors, Kochi offers a variety of cruises according to your time and budget. Furthermore the cruise in India provides traditional dishes on board. Relax and enjoy a wonderful vacation while enjoying the local delights on the cruise ship that is in India.

  1. Goa Cruise: Lustrous Entertainment

Goa has become a renowned tourist destination for sea or river cruises because of the variety of options when it comes for cruises to Goa. The cruises include entertainment and culture, as well as a drinks and buffet cruise along the Mandovi River into the Zuari bay, while enjoying the stunning night with family and friends along the sparkling waters of Goa or dance on the entire day cruise until the dark evening with your beloved. It is also possible to take the famous and thrilling Goa towards Mumbai cruise, which lets you experience world-class hospitality as well as amazing food, and fantastic entertainment. Take this Goa cruise trip and delight your loved ones.

  1. Dibru Saikhowa River Cruise Escalated Excited

It is home to rare and endangered species in India such as the White-winged Wood duck, colorful horses, slow loris, and many more. The stunning destination is an ideal water-wildlife vacation in India. If you’re an avid nature enthusiast, don’t hesitate to take a trip to this incredible country in India. Don’t not take advantage of this opportunity for the best cruise trips in 2021 India.