Top 10 Free Online Games To Play When Bored

games to play when bored

It’s almost 2017, and Virteract yet again amazed its visitors with dozens of new online games before the new year. From Fun multiplayer browser games to kids shooting games, we have come up with a list of amazing games to be played on this online games website. Let’s have a look at Top 10 games to play on Virteract when you are bored.

1.) Warzone Tower Defense Extended

warzone tower defense

This is a fantastically developed strategy game which is a sequel to the original Warzone Tower Defense with a lot more exciting additions. The Game starts with an option where you can select a map and a game mode to play on. Warzone Tower Defense is about defending a tower from various invaders trying to destroy it. For those who are looking for some twist, you can always switch to your favorite game mode and enjoy. The gameplay allows you to select a weapon from the armory to be placed on the map wherever you want it to operate from and destroy the invaders.

Play Warzone Tower Defense Extended

The armory includes (sorted by their powers) – machine gun, cannon, missile turret, flak cannon, flamethrower, pulse emitter, laser cannon, heavy cannon, and plasma cannon. Whenever you destroy an invader, you earn a bounty. These bounties can be used to purchase any of these weapons from the armory. It is all about how you earn and spend the bounties on the arms to defend the tower.

2.) Platform Racing 2

platform racing 2

Do you like playing online multiplayer games? If yes, then you are going to love this one. Platform Racing 2 is the sequel to Platform Racing with a lot more exciting modes. When the game is started, you will be given the option to create an account or play as a guest. After your selection, you will be prompted to choose a server (similar to that of Counter-Strike). After selecting a server, you may start playing the game with other players connected to the server.

Play Platform Racing 2

The gameplay is very simple and will sometimes give the MARIO feel. All you have to do is use the arrow keys to move your character and race with other players. And if you think the gameplay is not enough, there is a chat option to interact with the players you are racing with (a good way to keep yourself away from boredom). Undoubtedly, Platform Racing Series is highly addictive when it comes to online multiplayer gaming and will certainly keep you hooked for hours.

3.) Monster’s Den: Book of Dread

monsters den

Who can forget the famous Role Playing Game of all times – Monster’s Den? Book of Dread is one of the most amazing and addictive sequels of
Monster’s Den Series. The gameplay will somewhat remind you of the age of empires game since its concept is kind of similar to AOE series. Consisting of new monsters, items, quests, and classes, this impressive RPG is worth playing if you are looking for something fresh in this genre. The entire game is controlled with a mouse, wherever you click the map will take you there, and you can explore some interesting stuff for hours.

Play Monster’s Den Book of Dread

There are three campaigns in this game – The Den of Corruption, The Den of Terror, and The Fall of Tellunos. The Den of Corruption is the original Monster’s Den Campaign while the other two are of different game modes.

4.) Love Matcher

love matcher

Every one of us has a love interest! Wouldn’t it be cool if we can match people with their love interests? Well, Love Matcher allows you to match couples in a browser-based puzzle game. If you have ever played Mahjong, you won’t find this game challenging to play. The concept is almost same to that of Mahjong, but the theme here is somewhat romantic and is based on matching the couples. Anybody who likes to play fun games would love this one for sure.

Play Love Matcher

You are given a set of images. Each one of the images has the picture of a girl or a boy thinking about the other one, and you have to match the images based on who is thinking about whom. When the countdown gets over, and you are done playing, you will be given a status based on your gameplay. For example, if you didn’t match enough couples, you will receive a “Love Rookie” status with a suggestion. Interestingly made, this puzzle game will keep you glued for longer if you have a “love guru” in you.

5.) Gravitee 2

gravitee 2

As a fan of interstellar or space games, you won’t be disappointed with this fantastic sequel to Gravitee flash game – Gravitee 2. As the game starts, you will be prompted to select a level in the form of starts. The small starts would mean the challenges and the bigger are competitions. At first, all the levels will remain locked except for the first one. As soon as you finish one level, the next will be unlocked automatically. The gameplay allows you to trigger a ball to target a specific goal by setting up a trajectory (just like angry birds).

Play Gravitee 2

There are in total forty levels to play featuring four different gameplays with many awards to win for each victory. So, if you are looking for something addictive like angry birds, Play Gravitee 2 now on Virteract.

6.) Aliens Must Die – The Jupiter Wars

aliens must die

Shooting games are always fascinating when it comes to aliens. Aliens Must Die – The Jupiter Wars is one such example of a cease-fire game where you have to take control of a badass starship to defend the aliens. In the gameplay, you are not the only one commanding the starship; you have a partner called “Annie” who is the co-pilot to take control of the spaceship when you are in your shooting mode.

Play Aliens Must Die – The Jupiter Wars

The game has very simple controls like using the mouse to aim and hold the button to fire at aliens. Alternatively, you can keep pressing the “p” button on the keyboard for continuous automated shooting. Try not to get hit by the alien enemies as it will result in losing the power gained by collecting debris. So much action packed in a single game can definitely keep you engaged for hours.

7.) Anika’s Odyssey

anika's odyssey

Raising the Bar for Flash Games, Anika’s Odyssey is an online adventure game with beautiful places to explore in-game. All the lush forests and enchanted land makes this game even more appealing. New Zealand inspires the locations in this game with more exotic creatures.

Play Anika’s Odyssey

The primary goal of this game is to help Anika find her friend. The Gameplay is simple – just point and click on any place and help Anika explore the beautiful world which is full of surprises and enchantment. Get a break from the real world and enter this wonderful land! You sure won’t regret playing this game when you are bored.

8.) Skid Racers

skid racer

If you are a fan of racing games, Virteract offers you an incredible slot racer game – “Skid Racer” where you can have hours of fun racing with other drivers and changing tracks. This action-packed racing game allows you to select multiple tracks to start the racing tournament. Every track is unlocked after you score the first position in the previous track.

Play Skid Racers

The gameplay is extremely simple and uses no more than the arrow keys on the keyboard. The Up arrow is for acceleration; the down arrow is for brakes and the left/right arrows to change the lanes. Avoid getting hit by other vehicles as it may result in slowing down the car speed. One could never get bored playing this fast paced free racing game.

9.) Basketballs Level Pack

basketballs level pack

38 Levels of pure fun. No matter if you are a sports lover or not, once you start playing Basketballs Level Pack, this game might be your new addiction. If we talk about the gameplay, the primary objective of the game is to score in every basket using the same trajectory methods as in Angry Birds or any other trajectory aiming game.

Play BasketBalls Level Pack

If you think the goal is limited to just scoring in every basket just like in any other online basketball game, here comes the fun part – you have to knock down the referees as well once you score a goal. You can use any size of the ball to play. There comes more twist and more fun with every level passing, making it one of the best games to be played to kill boredom.

10.) Heat Rush Future

heat rush future

Heat Rush Future is another Free Driving Game to be played at least once if you are feeling adrenaline rush for no reason. Heat Rush Future one of the best driving games to play when bored since it offers so many things like nitro boost, fantastic maps, and many exciting levels.

Play Heat Rush Future

For every race won, you earn some money which can be used to upgrade your car. The controls involve only arrow keys and spacebar where the spacebar triggers the nitro boost to supercharge your car’s speed. With loads of upgrades and so many levels of racing tracks to choose from, this is yet another amazing online driving games to be played on Virteract.

So this was our list of Top 10 Games to be played when bored. If you enjoyed any other game on Virteract to call your favorite, let us know in the comments below.


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