Top multiplayer and 2 player games for PS4 that you should try today

2 player games for PS4

The PS4 is a global gaming console that assures ultimate entertainment. You can choose from a plethora of beautiful, immersive games. Yes, the single role-playing games are engaging and adventurous. But only the multiplayer and 2 player games for PS4 will deliver addictive adventures to play with your friends. Play with a friend using the Dualshock 4 controllers, and have an amazing experience. The following list contains the top games that can take both of you into a new world of competition and co-operation:

Borderlands 3: gunplay with progressive quests

This award-winning split-screen game lets you shoot, loot, and create mayhem. Borderlands 3 is the latest in this fascinating franchise with wild popularity. The action-oriented game unleashes cool adventures for the players, and you can have an immersive experience, traveling through new worlds in the galaxy.

The thriller also introduces more artillery, exciting and innovative vault hunts. The storyline is motivating, and there are new evil guys like the Calypso Twins. Moreover, you can enjoy superhuman talents and power your way through mechs, mutants, and monsters. Rely on killer weapons and have a whale of a time in the company of a friend.

Minecraft: multi-player game for PS4 with infinite worlds

This ten-year-old series inspires creators with innovative block-building tasks. Despite a host of pretenders, this original is still the crowd favorite. The virtual split-screen gameplay tests your imagination with endless resources. And when there is a friend by your side, collaboration becomes very important.

Minecraft lets the players dig, mine, and build exquisite things. Enjoy the sandbox mode to craft fantastic worlds with superior experiences. Alternatively, explore unlimited possibilities as a witness to what others create. And delve into the survival, adventure, and hardcore modes for variety.

Far Cry 4: Multi and 2 player game for PS4

Ubisoft’s franchise is famous for testing the players’ shooting skills. It also puts great emphasis on strange, hostile, and exotic locales. This 4th game in the series is no different as it takes you to the Himalayas. Besides, you can navigate the unforgiving terrain in the company of a friend to find the evil dictator.

Far Cry 4 is one of the best two-player games with stunning visuals. And you can do thrilling acts apart from hunting beasts. Some of the daredevil feats include throwing grenades, hijacking vehicles, and ride elephants. You can also fire arrows and bolts or rely on assault rifles to take down enemies. Or enjoy the sunrise, fly thousands of meters, and ingeniously conquer a fortress.

Darksiders Genesis: hellish adventure with isometric views

The slash and hack thriller has been reformatted for a superior experience. It is arguably one of the finest 2 player games for ps4. This most recent version takes you in a whole new direction. You can play War and fight the underworld with a sword. And invite a friend to don the role of a horseman.

Yes, your buddy can play Strife with exciting new abilities. He can wield pistols and complement your deadly skills. And he can clone himself to distract and attack enemies in the third chapter. The game has a top-down POV and lets you solve puzzles or take down a legion of demons.

Lego Marvel Superheroes: smashing gameplay with supervillains

Players who love co-operation and multi-player games should not miss this Lego masterpiece. It has an original story to satisfy the tastes of kids and adults. The game also lets you get into superhero characters like Wolverine, Spiderman, Hulk, Ironman, and Daredevil. The objective is to stop Doctor Doom, Loki, and other Marvel villains. You can also travel through Manhattan and prevent the evil guys from destroying the world. Between, your main objective is to stop them from assembling a superweapon, and visit impressive spots like X-Mansion, Stark Tower, Asteroid M, and Hydra base.

Divinity Original Sin II: multi-player game for PS4 with fun quests

The role-playing game from Larian Studios has revolutionized the genre. The second edition sustains the flexibility and accessibility of the original. You and three friends have to go on a quest to become saviors of the region. Above all, you get a lot of freedom to play the finest fantasy characters online. The story requires you to fight side by side and make crucial decisions. The players can co-operate or part ways with great ease. Besides, you can play sorcerers, un-dead humans, elves, and lizards.

Diablo III Eternal Collection: dungeons, demons, and soul reapers

Diablo III is an addicting game with strong characters. Your team has to crawl through dungeons and fight the devil himself. The amazing entertainer ensures hours of looting and combats too. And you will come back for more and more to acquire formidable strength. The Eternal Collection adds the Necromancer and lets you smash demons. It has a total of 7 classes and 5 acts to keep you and a friend very busy.

Streets of Rage 4: A 12-level classic 2 player game for PS4 with great combats

2 player games for PS4

This Sega’s 90’s game is a trendy and satisfying beat ’em up series. It is one of the multiplayer and 2 player games for PS4 with new evil and generic street gangs. You will get surprised by the characters like Axel Stone and Adam Hunter. But you have to accumulate points and complete stage 4 to unlock new characters. Take your street fighting friend into a world of comic book looks. Also, enjoy the street art and progress while listening to the greatest musical hits.

Crash Bandicoot Nitro-fueled: multiplayer kart racing for PS4

This Play station original is back with new characters and tracks. And yes, there are innovative vehicles for special challenges. Race your friend in this pulsating game and bash the enemies along the way. Know how to power slide and boost the performance at the right time to succeed in this zany adventure with high-speed antics.

LittleBigPlanet 3: creative 2 player game for PS4

The puzzle-platformer has cute characters with interesting abilities. In addition, you can enjoy the stages from the older editions, or invite a friend. The two of you can explore Craftworld and recklessly enter Bunkum planet. Moreover, the mission is to defeat three evil Titans and free the planet’s heroes. These three heroes, OddSock, Toggle, and Swoop, can jump, swim, and swing through player-created levels. The custom game experience also lets you use the familiar tools from the earlier versions.