Escape Room Atlanta! Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

Escape Room Atlanta! Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

Zombies have an voracious hunger, and dreadful impulse control. Trapped in a room with zombie is an adventurous game played in Escape Room Atlanta.  In this adventure game a hungry zombie will be chained to the wall and you have to use your brain to save yourself. A buzzer will be buzzed after every 5 minutes and the chain of zombie moves a foot forward from the wall. A Zombie will be able to reach you in just 60 minutes so before that you have to find the appropriate key to save yourself and move towards freedom path or you have to join walking dead. Sounds interesting in first go and will certainly be more fascinating while playing at Escape Room Atlanta.  

To experience this real time adventure sport all you need to do is just be prepared to get locked in a room and here’s what all be the procedure to be a part of this adventurous game:

  • Each session is up to 10 people.
  • 9 individuals and a hungry Zombie that will be chained to the wall of Escape Room Atlanta.
  • 9 strangers will be grouped together and will be working together to find out that hidden key.
  • The hidden key will help individuals to save themselves or they can sacrifice a member out of 9 to Zombie in order to save themselves. This totally depends on the choice made by individuals.
  • After every 5 minutes the hungry Zombie will step a foot forward that will make hungry zombie more closely towards individuals.
  • Within an hour hungry Zombie will be able to reach individuals.
  • Individuals need to prove themselves that they are really smarter than a Zombie? 
  • They have to prove this by probing out the hidden key on time and hoard themselves from that hungry Zombie.
  • They got to save themselves within an hour by finding all the clues, unravel the puzzles and unbolt the door.
  • Ultimately they need to Escape Room Atlanta without getting eaten.

Room with a Zomb

It is definitely going to be an amazing and inimitable experience at Escape Room Atlanta. It will certainly end up being an amusing and adventurous game that will force an individual to come out of their routine and will give you an amazing story to narrate. Getting trapped with those frightening and creepy eyes will definitely give an individual a real time experience at Escape Room Atlanta. It’s an amazing way to get the team all together and crater your puzzle-solving dexterity against a challenge.

So if you really want to get trapped in a room with a zombie and if you’re looking for an off-beat sunset that may leave an individual screaming, devastating and dashing around the room, then all you need to do is check out an adventurous sport Trapped in a Room with a Zombie at Escape Room Atlanta.

One Room, Locked Door, One Zombie, So many giggles and an Astonishing Experience!