Unblocked Games and How to Play Them in Schools

unblocked games in school

Reasons why flash games are blocked in schools?


Imagine yourself as a computer lab assistant at a high school. Your daily activity includes managing the lab computers, and then you get to know that the students are misusing the lab computers as a portal to play online games which bring the virus to the computers. Sounds terrible! Right? Well, that’s another reason of the blocking of games in schools after students not concentrating on the subject and wasting their time in playing hours of online games, being a complete distraction to other students as well.

As more and more schools are blocking the access to play games on school computers, the hunt for unblocked games on the web is getting wider. Well, the school authorities are not to be blamed of course since the students utilize most of their lab time in making high scores to these games. And while the students are busy in earning high scores, they are completely unaware of the virus carried out with the flash content of most of these games. But the students can’t be blamed either. Since, after a long day of work and no play, they do deserve to play a few fun games for when they are bored. Then begins the hunt for unblocked games in school.

Before knowing how to play unblocked games in the school, let’s know how exactly they are blocked to be accessed.

1.) URL – Most of the School Management uses a data mining software to determine which sites or games are frequently accessed by the students and blocks the URL’s of all those gaming sites.

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2.) Search Queries – Another method is to use a keyword filter in search queries where every keyword related to the games or the name associated with a particular gaming related keyword shows no results.


How to play unblocked games in schools?


Now here comes the part you all have been looking for. In this section, you will learn how to have access to the unblocked games even if your school authorities has blocked them.

NoteThis post does not encourage any illegal activities and is only for the purpose of knowledge. Be careful while using these techniques in restricted places.

1.) Download your favorite flash games directly to the PC.

Yes, you heard it right, you can download a flash content directly to your system. Mostly the flash games are in .swf format. So if you come across a flash game that is blocked in your system, you might need to view the page source and look for your desired game’s .swf link. Next step would be to download it using a .swf downloader and play the game using a .swf player. There are many other methods available to download flash games, and this is one of them.

2.) Unblock the blocked gaming websites.

No wonder if your school authorities are regularly blocking every online gaming site visited by the students. But there is a method to access the unblocked internet sites – “Proxies.” Proxy websites allow you to access any websites blocked by your IP address. Alternatively, a Virtual Private Network can be used to gain access to the blocked websites.

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3.) Use of Unblocked Gaming Websites.

Alternatively, you can choose from one of the many sites that are available out there to play the unbloked games without any hassle. Which means you don’t need to use any proxy or VPN, just put in the website’s address in the URL bar and start playing your favorite unblocked games. These sites have every category of games like Action, Adventure, RPG games or you name it.

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If you know any other methods or websites to play unblocked games at school, comment your suggestions below.


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