What We Know About Anabolic Steroids & Drugs

Anabolic Steroids & Drugs

My cousin is a gym fanatic, she is up at mad hours of 4 and 5 am, ready and revving in her spandex lycra tights, water bottle in hand and hair tied back ready for business. And that’s another thing, gym clothes have become increasingly fashion forward as opposed to functional, this is fine for her, she can work it. But are we all at that level? I’m not sure.

I on the other hand, if I have a standard day of no school runs or early errands, 9 am is my go to point. I love to feel the sun shining through the curtains warming the room ready for the day.

This feeling cannot be felt at 5 am people, let’s be clear, who is missing out here? We each make a valid point, and both would like the others part but too selfish to give up our routines, so here we stand. As my granny always used to say, ‘each to their own.’ And it rings more true as each day goes by.

I’m making coffee for hubby and I, and she is arriving back from a workout with a green looking smoothie in hand. When I go to the fitness center, once every never, I see a block of grass growing on the counter, I’m hoping this isn’t what is in that drink I’m too afraid to ask. Check out some recipes for healthy smoothies if grass isn’t your thing.

Ok, she isn’t to the level of some women you see in the weights section of a gym, all ripped and bulging six-packs everywhere, but she is lean and flat.

More than I can say for myself if I’m honest, but I’m happy, my husband is happy and we have heathy kids, these are my priorities in life. Would I like to be fitter? Sure? Would I want that to be by eating cake? Yes, please!

Being in the gym and training.

Now, these men and women looking like a fitness catalogue walking around, how are they ‘so’ trim and slim? Sure they are in the gym as if they stay over-night, and I’m positive they are on a full-on health kick eating plan, but there has to be an extra edge that takes them to that next level? And there is, physical enhancers.

What am I talking about? Well, essentially they are hormones, which although they are found naturally in our bodies already, these synthetic man-made pills increase the dosage. These are what we call anabolic steroids, click here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anabolic_steroid for the medical in-depth definition. 

The main component of these enhancers is the male sex hormone, testosterone, this is responsible for the building of muscles in the body. 

It is also used for patients who have delayed progress into puberty and the body cannot transition on its own, others are given steroids for recovery from injury or surgery or before an operation to aid in a quicker turn around. There are many medical benefits, but we will focus on fitness and the uses that give athletes that added performance.

gym and training.

4 Benefits of anabolic steroids.


Illness. If you’ve unfortunately contracted a disease of some sort and your muscle mass is wasting or being eaten away, taking steroids can help build some of it back up. It can also speed up this process in the body. 

  • Recovery. After a major operation the body is weak and takes its time to regain strength, adding in steroids, especially those made up with a high level of testosterone, can speed up the well-being process. Adding in extra oxygen, via the red blood cells, into the muscle tissue enables them to recover quicker.
  • Size. Your physical size will for sure increase, complimented with a strict training program, when using the steroids. You can damage the muscle as you train, which is the objective of weight training essentially, and with the steroid use you recover faster and the repair to the muscles is also sped up. Then you can get back in the gym in a shorted turn around and get back to it.
  • Water Retention. With the increased training, your metabolism increases, you burn fat at a higher rate and thus resulting in less retention of water. The skin also becomes thinner and this is what bodybuilders look for so they can see as much definition as possible.


For a better understanding of what I’m talking about when it comes to anabolic steroid drugs, check out the link and get professional advice and guidance when it comes to using it for the first time or progressing to the next stage in a safe manner.

Injections versus pills.

The one we see in the movies or that 90% of the bodybuilders recommend and practice is that of injecting the steroid straight into the muscles. While this method is absorbed a bit slower it has the benefit of not affecting the liver, so it’s a win-win.

Taking tablets and pills orally are ingested and absorbed quicker by the gut, and then they are broken down and metabolized by the liver. These should be taken with a glass of water and preferably with a meal, adding it into your daily routine is the best way to stay on track. 

Steroids can be taken safely for years, but people can go overboard and get crazy which can result in it becoming unsafe, hence the recommendation that steroid use should be done with the guidance of a medical practitioner or experienced steroid user, say an ex athlete or coach.

You can watch this quick video and follow his use of steroids and how he goes about his daily intake and results and his thoughts and opinions on the subject. He might be able to clear up any queries you might have had in the back of your mind making you hesitant in getting started.

No matter the method in which you decide to take the steroids be sure that you have done the research and necessary homework and you go about it with a clear head and end goal.