Maintaining composure and keeping calm while playing poker

Maintaining composure and keeping calm while playing poker

Calm poker players win throughout. Mathematics based, rational decisions take you a long way in the game of poker. Find how to maintain composure and keep calm while playing poker.

Staying calm can be considered an asset while playing poker, especially for beginners. Playing poker can be a high-pressure situation because there are other people, lots of money at stake and a complicated game involved. 

So think rationally – calculate every move and, if possible, other’s moves as well. This will help you remain calm and more focused.

Separate emotions from the game 

It’s true that when you play, you are physically and emotionally invested in the game. Poker is as much a mind game as it is a card game. So people could try to needle, ridicule or mislead you. But you need to keep your bruised ego aside and stay stoic and calm through it all.

If you allow emotions to cloud your judgement, your game could just go downhill.

Play to enjoy the game

If you play to really enjoy the game and all the mental stimulation it offers, then you are more likely to stay composed. If you are fixated with the final outcome, things could become stressful. So enjoy the company, graphics and the whole experience of the game. 

No matter how calculated your decisions are, you are bound to lose some money over a few games once in a while. So, learn to give yourself credit, celebrate your wins and get over your losses. Stick to a budget while gambling and all shall be well!

Try meditation 

For people with beginner-level knowledge of the game, gambling can be a bit daunting at times and therefore, stress-inducing. We are in a world where yoga and meditation are increasingly being used to get away from stress. Similarly, meditation can also help those in stress while gambling at online casinos in India. The practice of meditation helps in alleviating any psychological distress over the brain. It also aids in developing a mindful approach that helps concentrate and focus better, thus improving the game and our performance

Practice makes perfect

Quite literally, practicing the game will not only make you better at it but also improve your brain’s response to stimuli. Psychologists call this exposure therapy. 

It is the same strategy used for treating people’s fear of flying. They might be scared to travel all their lives, but after a few, long business trips, they might just be at ease with all of it. 

This is because the more your mind is exposed to the same situation over and over again, its response to that thing will improve. The first time you experience failure, it takes a toll on you. Your first loss, your first bad choice might have a huge impact on you. The more you expose your brain to the same situation, the more it gets used to being calm and accepts it as normal. 

Stop taking yourself seriously 

Rational decisions and mathematical calculations should be your strategy in a casino game. But don’t become a robot sitting in front of your live or download casino all day long. 

You need to laugh, enjoy and revel in other player’s novel strategies to beat you rather than have remorse over the amount you lost. Don’t overthink if you lose more off of a table than any other player. Nobody really cares as long as they keep earning money. Make jokes, make friends, do not take competition very seriously. Make friends in chat rooms on tables. The more friendly and fun the game is, the more enjoyable it becomes. A tense game Cricket ID games only adds to stress.


Remaining calm at the poker table leads to better decisions, more wins and a happy experience overall. It is important that we see the link between keeping calm and winning more.

More meditation and mindfulness will also lead to better focus and a better experience. We hope you try all our suggestions for being a calm and collected poker player.