11 Computer Games to Play When Bored (With or Without Friends)

computer games to play when bored

Do you think that essay will write itself? Because it won’t, and staring at it won’t work either. So if you want to thaw out your brain freeze, why not do it with some interesting and exciting online games to get your mind working?

Online games come in all shapes and sizes. Read on to find our top 11 computer games to play when bored.

1. Entanglement

The first game on the list is Entanglement, a brain-teasing puzzler that resembles the gameshow Blockbusters. Created by Gopherwood Studios, you have to uncover tiles and weave your way around the board. Tiles can be rotated, so your line becomes longer and longer, adding to your points total.

Should you reach a wall, it is game over. The game is highly addictive yet with its oriental soundtrack, very relaxing. A great way to unwind when you are stuck in quarantine or you have finished your tasks at the office.

2. Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is one of the odder games to play when bored, purely because of its simplicity. The aim of the game is simply to make cookies. You do this by clicking on a giant cookie as fast as you can.

This giant cookie releases smaller ones, and as you start to get more cookies you can trade them for power-ups. These can include a larger cursor for clicking, or a granny to assist you. While simple, some of the descriptions of how people find your baking skills are hilarious, so you will find yourself belly laughing hard at this witty game.

3. Threes

Anyone who likes fast-paced number puzzles such as Sudoku will love this one. Threes originated as a mobile game, but it has since been moved to the web. It is very simple but very addictive.

The game consists of a 4×4 grid. You must slide numbered tiles around the grid to combine them into multiples of three. The rarer the tiles you stack, the higher your score becomes.

Although simple in concept, the game can get quite tough in a short amount of time. It is a great way to give your brain a workout.

4. Slither

Slither is one of the most popular games to play when bored on a computer. You take the part of a lowly maggot type creature, who slithers around a board. The board is filled with lots of neon treats to eat.

Once you eat them, you grow in size. This allows you to slither around smaller snakes, trapping them and turning them into food. Halfway between the Nokia mobile game, Snake, and Pac-Man, it can even be played in a multiplayer setting.

In addition to this, the dark and neon graphics look amazing for a free to play browser game. You can even select a skin for your creature!

5. Strategy Computer Games to Play When Bored

You may start Rise of Kingdoms Civilizations hoping to fill in the boredom, but you will soon be totally immersed. It is a strategy game that allows you to play as some of the most famous generals in history. You build a city, grow it, and team up with others to defeat your enemies.

The best thing about the game is that while it has pay to play bonuses, you can find that with the right alliances you can bring down people who have amassed huge empires. This makes it a great multiplayer game for beginners, who want something with more options and depth than a standard browser game.

6. Sky Chasers

Sky Chasers is a variation on the classic game Lunar Lander. You start as Max, a female pilot in a cardboard box. Use your two thrusters to pilot your ship through a host of magical worlds and kingdoms, avoiding traps, tunnels, and enemies.

7. Frogger

Yes, you can play classic arcade games for free online! None of them are more classic than Frogger, the hit Konami game that sees you play as a frog trying to cross the river. Avoid cars, jump on the correct logs, and grab your dragonfly dinner for extra points.

8. Slime Volleyball

Slime Volleyball is one of the oldest online browser games, but it has really stood the test of time. Essentially, it is a game of pong style tennis between two slime creatures. You hit the ball to your opponent and return it. If the ball hits the floor, your opponent gains a point.

Slime has expanded into numerous other sports which you can find online. However, with slime now becoming a popular children’s toy in itself, the game has suddenly rocketed in popularity.

9. The Kingdom of Loathing

This game is vastly different from the others. It is a browser-based roleplaying game, similar to dungeons and dragons. Its DIY style using stick figures looks simple, but what it lacks for in graphics it makes up for in humor.

10. Sort the Court

The nest game is a morality tale of sorts, in which you have to use your judgment and personality to decide the outcome. You are a king, who will be presented with a number of his subjects. Each has its own problem, which you must answer with a yes or no.

The decisions you make impact the state of your kingdom in some way. It is up to you to make decisions based on what is best for your empire, though they are not all black and white.

11. Surviv

Surviv is a battle royale style game, although with a more simplified system then you would get on a console. You start the game with only your fists and must collect items and weapons while you play. Finish off your opponents, and avoid the shrinking red circle.

The game is viewed from a top-down perspective, so it is a lot easier to play than more complicated battle royale games like Fortnite or PUBG. It is available on the browser, and even on Android and IOS.

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