Unblocked Games 66 at School [January 2020 – Updated]

unblocked games 66 at school
unblocked games at school

In this daily hustle of life, Unblocked Games 66 seems to be the best option to keep someone away from the boredom.

Let’s find out and know some of the best free online games that you can play on this site which is not blocked by your school or college computers.

Update: More than 350 Unblocked Games66 are now updated on Virteract.

In our previous article, we talked about how to play unblocked games at school. Now let’s have a look at some of the best 5 non-blocked free online games picks from us:-

1.) Snipedown

snipedown unblocked

Shooting Games Fans, Rejoice! Virteract bring you the most thrilling, addictive and an amazing sniper game. If you are looking for shooting games unblocked, do not miss this one.

The gameplay lets you choose a weapon from the armory and eliminate the enemies. As a sniper, you have to shoot all the incoming enemies by simply aiming the gun towards them and shooting.

2.) Pokemon Go

pokemon go

2016 was the year when Pokemon go went viral all over the world. Many people who didn’t have the luxury to afford a high-end configuration phone were not able to play this fantastic adventure game. But now you can play this game anywhere, be it in your school, college or elsewhere by looking for unblocked games 66 on Virteract.

The gameplay is similar to that of Android and IOS versions. Do not expect some high-end graphics as the game is browser version of the original, but it’s definitely worth a try if you are a Pokemon Fan.

3.) Escape Race

escape race unblocked

If you are bored at school and want to play a super engaging driving game, give Escape Race a shot. No wonder your school authority might block 66 more games like Escape Race because of students misusing lab computers to experience the thrilling race with a cop chase.

Gameplay uses only WSAD keys to move the car left and right and increase/decrease the speed.

4.) Warzone Tower Defense

warzone tower defense unblocked

If you find strategy games interesting and can play them for 3-4 hours straight without getting distracted, “Warzone Tower Defense” Extended’s Non-blocked 66 version is for you.

The very simple and unique gameplay allows you to choose a weapon from the armory and place it at the right position on the map to kill the invaders trying to destroy your tower.

Sounds interesting, right?

5.) 3D Cute Puppy

cute puppy

Whether you are a Kid or an Adult, Puzzle games will always interest you. 3D Cute Puppy Unblocked Puzzle Game will let you solve a puzzle to form a cute yellow 3D Puppy.

The game has Three difficulty levels – Easy, Medium and Hard. The easy mode has small puzzle pieces to combine and form the picture, and as the complexity increases, the parts increase, and you find the puzzle challenging to complete withing the time-frame.

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Well, now you have a list of 5 most amazing unblocked games to play at the school, that is totally unrestricted and can be played anywhere and anytime. If you want to search non-blocked games on this website just type the name into the search bar, hit the enter button and you are ready to go.

So here is the list of recently updated Unblocked Games at School

1. Happy Wheels

happy wheels unblocked

Not far long total jerkface announced the latest Happy Wheels Game with a lot of surprises. If you are comfortable with a game where the player loses a limb all of a sudden or crushed to death with a giant pair of artificial teeth, then this is the game for you.

2. BTD5 Unblocked

btd5 unblocked

Bloons Tower Defense has always been a favorite of many video games lover. The fantastic online game developed by Ninjakiwi is a sequel to its previous Bloons series. This one has a lot of tower upgrades which you are surely going to enjoy.

3. Platform Racing 2

platform racing 2

This addictive multiplayer racing game, which is a sequel to platform racing can now be played on full screen. Race with players from all over the world in this addictive unblocked game.

4.) Warzone Tower Defense Extended

warzone tower defense

If you are a school student and looking to play an addictive tower defense game, this is the one for you. This extended version of the broadly popular game franchise allows you to defense a tower from the incoming enemies trying to destroy it.

5.) Elona Shooter RPG

elona shooter rpg

RPG Fans, Rejoice. Kongregate brings you an RPG Shooting game where you have to protect your castle from incoming enemies by shooting them. Customizable weapons and eight latest playable classes add up more fun.

350 More games can be played here.

So this was the most recent list of Unblocked Games that you can play at Schools. If you want to play more and stay updated with our latest additions, subscribe to our blog.

If you have any other suggestions or played more exciting non-blocked games here, do let us know your suggestions in the comments down below.

Recent Updates in Unblocked Games66

All the updates regarding “unblocked games66” will be shown in the below section:-

UpdateA new addition in the multiplayer section of unblocked games66 is the Elite Warfare game. This game is a perfect option if you are looking for a new team-up game and struggling to find a good tower defense game.

UpdateA new addition in unblocked games66 is the latest bubble shooter game, which is an arcade game based on bubble shooting. You can check that out in the arcade section of the website.

UpdateDynasty War Unblocked Game is uploaded on virteract.com. The game is the conflict of Three Kingdoms in the ravaged land of Han Dynasty. Choose one out of the four rulers to take initiative and conquer the entire map.

Update: Love’s First Week game has been added to the Unblocked Games list which is a multiplayer game based on the reunion of lovers. You can find it in the multiplayer games section of this website.

Major December Update: More than 350 unblockedgames66 are now added.

January 2020 Update: Unblocked Games 66 for schools will now be available in html5.


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