A Few Factors To Consider While Buying Boxing Pads

Buying Boxing Pads

Being a good boxer takes dedication, hard work, and several hours spent at the gym. When it comes to achieving success as a boxer, there are no shortcuts, but you can always expedite the process. To maximize the results you gain from training, you should be buying boxing pads.  

You might be wondering how you can make a difference through your choice of pads. Let us discuss a few things you need to consider while buying these.

The Basics

The first thing you need to consider while buying boxing pads is how comfortable they are. Ideally, they should be lightweight and comfortable, and at the same time offer enough padding to ensure your hands are safe from the incoming punches thrown by your training partner. The pads should be able to absorb the force from each hit, spreading it evenly over a large area.

A good pair of ads will allow you to help your partner up their technique while getting a nice cardio workout. You can relax while taking the punches and concentrate on the analysis of each punch and providing quality feedback to your partner on their form and timing.


It is recommended that you buy a smaller pair while choosing boxing pads. A smaller pad ensures you can cup your hands, thus, making it a secure fit. This way, your pad isn’t going to fly off your hand when you first get hit with a shot. Some of the pads have long extensions that allow them to protect the wrist area. Larger pads, on the other hand, are a bit more difficult to wear. For a coach, it can be a painful and laborious experience wearing larger gloves as compared to compact ones.


All the best boxing pads have a slight curvature that allows the coach to absorb the incoming punch with greater effectiveness. It also helps keep the pads in place and prevents them from flying off. When you are practicing with a powerful puncher, flat face pads are a bit more challenging to control. While wearing flat-face pads, you will often find yourself deflecting an incoming punch without any logical explanation.

Also, the curved impact optimization creates a sweet sound when the punch connects, which tells you that it has hit the target. By the noise, you can measure how well your punch has connected. This sound also motivates you during training.

boxing pads


While you are standing in position and ready to take hits on the pads, you are sure it is going to be a strenuous workout. To absorb the force from another boxer’s punch, you need quick reflexes, core strength, and steady hands. This often leads to your sweat pouring, and your heart rate rising.

That’s why you should get a pair of breathable boxing pads. The mesh layer not only keeps your skin cool, but it also extends the life of the pads by keeping them fresh and clean.


Whether you are practicing your punches on a pair of boxing pads or wearing them to help train a partner, moving targets can be the greatest source of distraction in your training. You need to concentrate on connecting your punches or providing your partner with a good target. This is the reason the pads need to be stable and offer a firm grip with added wrist support. A Velcro strapping will make sure the pads remain locked in place.

Conclusion: These are a few of the things you should consider while buying boxing pads. The right pair of pads can help you improve your accuracy and power.