Dress up games for girls that every girl should play once in her life!

dress up games for girls

Since the internet has spread worldwide, the boys and girls of the 21st century love to play online games during their past time. Online dress up games has become so popular among girls. There are hundreds of websites on the internet for these kinds of online games. You would find games like dress up games for girls, baking cake games, restaurant games, cooking, and many more. Most of them are entirely free of cost. These games are not as thrilling as the other popular games like project IGI, soccer, mission games, etc. All these online games relax your mind and give you some fun during your past time.

Starting from the 21st century, most girls have played these online girls’ games at least once in their lifetime. Previously these games were only on the websites. The gaming companies have created mobile apps, so the girls do not need computers to play those games. In which article, we will be discussing the best dress-up games for girls that have become so popular on the internet.

Cindy’s Dressup Friends game for girls

Cindy’s Dressup Friends is one of the most popular dress up games for girls on the internet. It is a very casual and simple dress up game with some easy options. There is a decent number of outfits and a large number of customized systems to change the dresses’ colors as per your choice. In addition, you can also change the characters’ poses by the limbs instead of the whole body. There is an option to put multiple names together in a scene. Most importantly, the game is entirely free of cost, but there are ads in between when you complete a level. Cindy’s Dressup Friends is entirely available on the internet as well as mobile apps.

dress up games for girls

Covet Fashion

The second name that comes into mind as one of the most popular dress up games for girls is Covet Fashion. This game is a complete android based game. In this game, you will have the opportunity to dress up the character with all kinds of different fashions and styles. The structure of this game is pretty natural. It’s like you go shopping in the game and by other brands dress up the character in different ways.

The brands in this game are mostly used in everyday life. So, you can buy Calvin Klein clothes to dress up your name virtually. There are also some other social elements like fashion contest and others to make the game more interesting. Playing the game is entirely free. But when you buy something from the shop like some premium dresses that can cost real money or use the games’ virtual coins to buy them.

Fabulous Series

Fabulous is a series of games that contains simulation. This game follows the story of Angela, who conquers lots of challenges. For example, Angela is a designer who dresses for an award show. But he finds so many challenges so that she does not have the time to do what she loves. Therefore you need to find time for her and help Angela to live a happy life. This game is a time management game and related to fashions and dress up as well.

dress up games for girls

Glu’s dress up games for girls

Glu’s dress up games is also one of the most famous dress up games for girls in the internet world. This game is also completely free to play. In this game, there are four significant challenges for Glu to win. These challenges are fashions from four different genres. The first two challenges are blue fashion games where you need to create a character and dress up various things. In the other two challenges, there are celebrity simulators with some elements to dress them up appropriately.

Love Nikki

Love Nikki is a heavy dress up game with some interactive adventure elements. The players need to explore the world with the character named Nikki. You need to dress her up with all the latest fashions according to the place you are going. It has the fashion design concepts of all genres of the world. In addition to that, the game goes through an actual story where one part of the game is connected to the other one. Therefore, you need to think properly while dressing her up before moving forward. The game is free to play, but you will have the opportunity to earn premium currencies.

Mystic Prince Dress Up game for girls

Mystic Prince Dress Up is an effortless and funny dress up game for the girls. But here, you need to dress up a prince. You have to create a male avatar and dress him up with various types of clothes. In addition, you can do the customizations like changing the skin color and mixing different looks.  Even you can customize the facial size and expressions. You can call this a character creator game for a tabletop RPG. The funny part of this game is that your free to mess up with all the things so quickly. It is also free of cost to play.

dress up games for girls

PitzMaker- Unique dress up game for girls

PitzMaker is not a completely free game to play. Some part of this game is free. But when you actually go deeper, you need to pay $1.99 to get the premium version. This is a different type of dress up game. In this game, you need to create the characters for various purposes. The characters have some needs and choices. And, you need to dress them up according to their likings to make them happy. Most importantly, PitzMaker allows you to create short webtoons with the characters you have made. You can add speech bubbles and some expressions to create a small story.

These are the most popular dress up games for girls in the world of the internet. Apart from them, there are thousands of dress up games available. But, these are the popular ones with the best reviews and recommendations.