Game Faster & Cheaper with your own Modem & Router

gaming modem

Gaming can get real expensive real fast. Between the hardware, the consoles, the accessories, the games, the DLCs, the in game purchases – gamers can easily spend thousands of dollars over the course of their lifetimes to fuel their passion.


But what if I told you that you can game better, faster & for less?


What lots of people don’t know is that most USA cable providers – the companies like Time Warner, Spectrum, Fios, Altice, etc – charge a monthly fee to rent their internet equipment.


They can charge anywhere from $5 per month up to $15 per month, just for a modem and wifi! This is a huge money maker for them… and a huge opportunity to save money for you.


Each internet provider has a list of modems that they approve to be used with their service, so if you purchase your own, they would remove that rental fee from your bill.


You need to find the best compatible modem and router combination for your specific cable provider (you don’t want to buy equipment the under performs or over performs – or worse yet, doesn’t work) and internet plan.


As a gamer, you should look to have higher internet speeds and a modem + router combination that can support those high speeds. In today’s day and age, that means having a modem with 686mbps+ download speeds and a router with AC1750+ capabilities.


Purchasing a modem is trickier since only some modems are compatible with certain ISPs. Using a site like will help you find the best match.


For gaming purposes, you should be hardwired in to minimize your latency. However, thats not always an option and having a strong WiFi signal is even more important that for regular internet users. For that reason, you should always get a separate router and modem, instead of the 2-in-1 models. Those are more convenient but the signal is lacking in strength – which becomes very apparent whenever you play any MMORPGS or other multiplayer games.


Routers are a bit easier to purchase as they are compatible with any internet provider and hook up directly to your modem. We recommend you look for gaming specific routers, such as the Netgear Nighthawk, as they are built for lag reduction and easy to manage internet bandwidth software, which will let you prioritize your internet bandwidth for gaming.


You will want to look for AC band as that is the latest in WiFi technology. All AC routers are dual band or tri-band and will give you the higher speed 5ghz band. The router processor should also be at least dual core 800mhz processor, otherwise you will experience delay. Ideally, the router will also have QoS to help you prioritize your games. Just be sure to have your gaming equipment close to the router in order to keep the signal strong.


This will ensure that you are getting the top speeds you need for a lag free and low latency gaming experience. Not only that, but with your own equipment, you are now saving ~$10/mo that you can better use to pay for gaming rather than you cable company.