Hacked Unblocked Games – A Complete Guide

hacked unblocked games

Are you looking for the best online Hacked Unblocked Games to play at school? Virteract provides the ultimate solution!

Why is Gaming Blocked in Schools?

The school is the place where students spend most of their time. Students get their learning goals here so to protect them from any kind of distraction such as online gaming activities or social media sites the school authorities block the gaming platforms.

According to the experts, multitasking distracts student’s attention, and as a result, the learning process becomes shallower. So school authorities remove these types of temptations to draw student’s attention towards education.

Schools also mandate to block certain contents which can affect the child psychology. According to the Children’s Internet Protection Act, school authorities have to prevent various materials related to harmful or obscene pornographic.

But nowadays students are smart. Sometimes they are much skilled on handling computers than the administrators or the teachers. So they can find a way out very quickly. In this technical world, some methods are also available to help them such as VPN, Proxies, Smart DNS and so on.

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But in most of the cases schools band these kinds of activities and as a result, these games cannot be accessed by the students in the curriculum.

On the other hand, the more school authorities are blocking the access of these games; the more students’ curiosities are increasing to play these blocked games. And sometimes students need relaxation after a hectic schedule, and online gaming is the best way to get rid of your boredom.

Ways to Play Hacked Unblocked Games

Nowadays, so many gaming sites have popped up, among which Virteract is the best one. Here you can access those unblocked games for free which you cannot access in your school. You must be wondering how! For that, at first, you have to know how these games are blocked on the Internet.

They are generally blocked with the help of data mining software and by the keywords filters.

How to access these games?

Note: this post is just for the knowledge purposes and doesn’t promote any illegal activities. So you have to be careful while using these methods in a secured place.

Download it directly on your PC

You just have to follow some simple steps to download it. At first, visit your desired website and open the source page. Next, search the source code and remember most of the source codes are in the .swf file. Now just copy the URL and save the flash game on your PC.

“Proxies” is the best method to unblock them

Gameproxy.org is the best site where you can just type the URL of your desired site and gain the easy accessibility. Private networks are also a useful thing to obtain the access of the site.

Now let’s have a look at those entertaining games which you can play for free on Virteract

The best hacked games unblocked in Virteract

Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the viral games which was launched in 2016 and till now is on the top. The craze for Pokemon is sweeping across the world because this virtual world is not so different from the reality. You have to search the Pokemon in various locations, in an entirely new world and gradually you start exploring your surroundings. This outstanding game is now accessible on the best gaming platform, Virteract.

3D Cute Puppy

Puzzles are the most exciting games which have a craze among Kids and Adults. 3D Cute Puppy has three levels which you have to cross to complete the game. These steps are easy, medium and hard. The game is all about a puzzle to form this cute yellow puppy. In the first step you have to accumulate the small puzzle pieces to complete the picture and as the level increases the complexity of that puzzle will also increase which will definitely amplify your interest towards the game.


Are you fond of shooting games? Then you have to access this unblocked game called Snipedown in Virteract, your ultimate gaming destination. Here you will find various weapons from the weapon store, and as a sniper, you just have to shoot the enemies by aiming the gun point towards them.

Warzone Tower Defense

Another exciting shooting game which is also needed the best strategy to protect your tower. You can choose the desired weapon from the armory and aim it at the right position to kill the invaders. This excellent unblocked game is also available in Virteract.

Escape Race

In this outstanding racing game, the police will chase to arrest you. You have to escape by driving at high speed and remember always try to choose the highways to avoid the other cars which you might crash while driving. Sounds interesting!

So what are you waiting for? These attractive thrilling hacked unblocked games are waiting for you. Just come to Virteract and play these fun games at free of cost.


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