How to Download Facebook Videos on Android

how to download Facebook videos on Android

Social media sites have been the craziest sensation these days. It is so much consuming that you even forget to track times as well.  You simply feel like landing up on the social media pages. And have the ultimate posts delicacy.  On that note, you have to pay special attention to Facebook. The incredible social media site has millions of fan bases.  Some, striking traits of the engaging sites are like free sign-up. It also allows for profile creation, interacting with long-lost friends, colleagues are superb.The comprehensive platform is the mediator between you and the rest of the world. That means it permits the user to share, videos, music, posts, pictures at their will.  Even Facebook is the exposure to come up with your own set of thoughts and opinions as well. Hence, today the highlight is how to download Facebook videos on Android.

How Facebook is so popular for its videos?

  • Technology is the main booster to reward you with such high tech additions to life. And Facebook is the principal search of technology to be precise.
  • If you consider a genuine social networking site, then the craze of Facebook is than other equal rivals.
  • Indeed Facebook is so much into the routine of every single people. That is you will always catch up on the Facebook logo on the home screen of their smartphones.
  • Facebook is the real doorway to escalate your knowledge about the world whereabouts.
  • In addition to that, it also lets you spend time on self- discovery as well.
  • One stellar attribute of Facebook is that it is an open platform. Therefore you can roll up there to speak your heart uninhibitedly.
  • Your online voice becomes the voice of the whole world in no time.
  • Facebook got a special line of favorite followers and they are the teen bandwagons.
  • Undoubtedly, teens today are more comfortable to come up with their opinions online rather than interacting one to one.
  • By and large, Facebook keeps up its credibility in maintaining the information in a secured vault.
  • That apart to a great extent, Facebook can kill your monotony. Even when you are lonely, a single page can keep you in touch with the entire world right at your home.
  • Precisely Facebook redefined the sphere of communication. Facebook messenger is a live example of easy and seamless communication.

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How to download Facebook videos on android

No matter whether you are resting on the couch or traveling. The videos are an amazing mood lifter. It’s the second thing all love to do besides turning to music. Indeed, it is a real entertaining phase for the daily commuters.

When you talk about music, stakeholders there are oodles in the market. But elaborating on the video giants, then obviously they are Facebook and Youtube.

The hassle-free streaming of videos on Facebook earned it the title of most rewarding.

But what if the net connection does not respond promptly. Well, no worries as of today lots of options on How to download Facebook videos on android are there. Prolific sites are there to serve you with offline videos. You can also have the privilege of catching up on the videos directly from Facebook.

Now when you worry about how to download Facebook videos on Android? Then the feasible option is to use the android app.

But that might not seem congenial. It is because most of the User interface is outdated. But sideloading can make you feel better.

However, the experts would never recommend the side loading as it might breach the security. Therefore, the best to all of these is just to download private Facebook videos by getting on the browsing site on the Android smartphone.


  • First, click the Facebook video that you aspire to download on the Facebook website or app.
  • On that particular app, just click the option share. Then press the phrase copy the link.
  • Now you go to the website, simply paste the link of the URL on the address bar.
  • You need to take the assistance of the browser designed to facilitate you with downloading.
  • Remember that help you can get it from the majority of the Android-based browsers. Even Chrome takes the perfect call regarding that.
  • Do as said by pasting the link and then press download.
  • As you move on to the second page, you will have to select the video quality like a High definition version or normal. But this option is relevant for Chrome. In the case of Firefox, you just press the link and get on the video.
  • You can select the downloading link on Chrome and then save the video link on Firefox.
  • Eventually, you will get the video downloaded in the download segment.

Apps to download Facebook videos on Android devices

Enlightening on the cutting edge Facebook video downloader for Android:

Without wasting any more tie, let’s get started with the listing. Go through the features to understand, which one you require to have.

Android KeepVid

Are you in search of the Video downloader with the capacity to download at a lightning momentum? If yes then this one would satiate you to the fullest.

It offers you two ways of downloading. That means you can either resort to downloading by copy-paste method. Precisely you need to copy the URL and paste that URL Link.

The next method is that you can have the Facebook logo on your home screen. Simply press to download the video. This typical app is the true saver as you can get the videos from another video – sharing apps too.

Talking about the speed it is incredible. Besides that, it offers full assistance for 4k videos. Even users can enjoy downloading many videos at a time.

 Vidmate Downloader Video:

The app to a great extent has turned to be the leading in the downloading domain.

You can effortlessly download the video from this app without any additional labor.

It can download many videos at one go. The plus side of the site is that it is constantly endeavoring to keep its users updated.

No doubt, the users will fall in love. It is because it comes with all other useful applications as well. The features are well worthy to mention.

You can directly get the app from the Google Play store. At the same time go through the positive reviews of the other users as well.

All- video downloader:

The name strongly says that this video downloader is one of the coolest in the arena.

It is because apart from the Facebook video it works well for downloading other videos as well.

The smart- programmed app lets you download the videos directly to the android phone. It does so by fetching from other reputed sites.

Talking about its innovative traits, definitely, it is in the edge of reputation. Undoubtedly, this app is the best answer to how to download videos on Android. It is because it helps to download faster.

Video Tube downloader:

Well, users are mindful of the tube downloader you are using. There is the other one for Ios as well. But as you are questing for the android so specifically search app for android device.

One most credible trait is that it can download multiple videos within a single span. Then have the ability to pause automatically. And resume the downloading with super ease.

The specifically underline pros are that with this app you can download large sized videos. That might be impossible with other apps.

Download with AVD:

The primary eye-catching attribute is an easy interface. Notably, the interface designed with user- friendly facets especially for Androids.

Talking about technology is used. Remember the mastermind behind the app not only just used a single technology, but arrays of technologies. The move was to make it intellectually responsive.

The convincing presentation style of the application is mind-blowing. Therefore, before downloading for your easiness go through the tutorial at once.

Video downloader

A simpe and easy downloading feature attracts you the most. In that regard, the video downloader just rules out the topic.

The most extravagant is the lightening fast downloading option. You don’t have to take any hassle for copying the files. As you can directly do so by copying that on the hard drive or any relevant storage place.

No need to worry about the file formatting as you can do so in any form. Along with that, you will get several sites- options to share the video.

Media clip

The app with a huge base of supporters is none but Media Clip. The greatness lies in supporting various types of files in different formats.

The striking is the seamless management of contents along with the impeccable streaming of videos.

Downloading videos with this app take no time. The plus factor is that the site uses high-end features. That allows the user to download the videos without any kind of limitation.


A high definition video always turns out enticing for viewers. therefore, you will always want to have the Facebook video downloader allowing high definition videos. If so, then HVD will offer the right haul to you.

Undoubtedly Facebook videos are diligently engaging. But the poor quality of the video may deter you from watching. But HVD does challenge that to the extreme.

That means it offers pristine clear definition videos. Hence, you can experience clarity with functionality with this app.

A layman can even download the app because of the super friendly interface.

The speed of downloading is amazing. The USP of this app is that you can download it offline as well.

It also allows you to allocate files easily on the internet.

Get them all video downloader

The well-schooled professionals put their effort to design the most incredible Facebook video downloader.

In one word, you can say it has refined the downloading concept. Thus, offering a convincing result.

Downloading is not a hard nut to crack for this downloader. It downloads the video content from 100 sites including documents; media-based files and images with no hassle.

Additional support with time-to-time up-gradation makes the site worthy. Users invariably aspire to enjoy unlimited downloads. Luckily, this is what the downloader promises them to offer.

 Advanced manager downloader

The downloading tool Advanced manager prefers to offer systematic exposure to users.

That means users can download all the files easily on the Android phone but in an organized way.  Also, the multi-thread technology makes it a remarkable handy video – downloader.

It too helps to download three file videos in a single moment.  The interface layout is easy and plain. It has the capacity to start downloading even after a pause at once. It does not interact with other apps. This is because the unhindered downloading occurs in the backdrop only.

On the whole, it only takes seconds to receive Facebook videos.

FastVid downloader

It allows fast downloading option. Even you can download the large-sized files in a smaller version. Moreover, the downloading rate of speed is very congenial.

Myvideo downloader

It is true that at times users get annoyed with ads. But getting this video downloader will be a relief. It is because it does not irritate you with frequent ads.

But if you are downloading for the first time, make sure you are already logged into your Facebook account. Once done, you will have notification on the sidebar and on the walls. From here, you can maneuver to reach the desired video section.

Once you reach there just click the video you want to download.  At a wink, the downloader will comprehend the file for downloading. The android downloading tool will ask you to save the file on your SD card.

Finally, the crystal-clear video will be there in your settings. But make sure that you install the video – player from beforehand for watching the same.

Therefore, the above are some of the best downloading tools you can use. You got a way out for the question of how to download Facebook videos on Android.

Last words

Hopefully, you feel content because now you know how to download Facebook videos on Android. Therefore grab the chance to be more social on Facebook.

Frequently Ask Questions 

Q1: How can I download a video from Facebook?

A1: To download a video from Facebook, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Facebook video you want to download.
  • Right-click on the video and select Show video URL.
  • Copy the video URL from the dialog box that appears.
  • Open a new browser tab and visit a reliable Facebook video downloader website.
  • Paste the copied video URL into the downloader’s input field.
  • Select the desired video quality or format.
  • Click the “Download” or similar button to initiate the download.

Q2: Are there any browser extensions or plugins to download Facebook videos?

A2: Yes, there are browser extensions and plugins available that facilitate video downloads from Facebook. You can search for extensions compatible with your preferred browser and follow the installation instructions provided by the extension’s developer.

Q3: Can I download Facebook videos on mobile devices?

A3: Yes, there are mobile apps available that allow you to download Facebook videos directly to your device. These apps can be found in your device’s app store by searching for “Facebook video downloader.” Install a trusted app, provide the necessary permissions, and follow the instructions within the app to download the videos.

Q4: Is it legal to download videos from Facebook?

A4: The legality of downloading videos from Facebook depends on the video’s copyright and the terms of service of the platform. It is generally acceptable to download videos for personal use or if the video is shared under a Creative Commons or public domain license. However, downloading copyrighted videos without proper authorization may infringe on intellectual property rights.

Q5: Can I download Facebook Live videos?

A5: Downloading Facebook Live videos can be more challenging compared to regular videos. While some methods exist, it’s important to note that downloading Facebook Live videos without permission from the content creator may violate terms of service. It’s recommended to reach out to the video creator directly for their permission or explore alternative methods provided by Facebook for saving live streams.