Is Mindset New Psychology of Success?

Mindset New Psychology of Success
Mindset New Psychology of Success

It’s all about the mindset. If you have the right mindset, you can take complete control over your life and change everything. If not, then you can end up in detrimental situations despite being right in the first place. The concept of “I can, I will” mindset new psychology for success has been out for a while, but people often complicate it with doubts and the fear of failure.

In this article, you’ll learn some mindset traits to have if you want to taste success.

Growth mindset new psychology for success

There are two types of mindsets: a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. In a fixed mindset, people believe their qualities, skills, and traits are fixed, and therefore cannot change. These people believe the talent defines people, and hard work and effort play no role.

In a growth mindset, people believe talent and skills can be learned and developed with effort, time, and experience. These people think it’s possible to become smarter and more intelligent, and their success is reliant on their effort. Therefore, they put in extra time and hard work to achieve their goals.

The most common trait all successful people share is a growth mindset. If you believe your growth is confined to its current state, you’ll never develop. But if you begin to believe that you can learn and grow, you’ll discover that nothing in this world is unachievable.

Mindset new psychology for success: Abundance mentality over scarcity mindset

Let’s understand this with a quick example. Say you have a successful digital business – clients are showing up in big numbers, and the profits are flooding in. But then suddenly your top employee resigns and either joins your competitor or starts his new business to compete with yours. At first, you feel; gutted, then you wanted revenge, and then, you became obsessed with destroying his life. This is, what we call, a scarcity mentality.

In this mindset, you believe there’s room for success for only one of you. This type of thinking can breed a culture of paranoia, where no one lives in peace. Instead, opt for an abundance mentality. In this mentality, you believe in creating a community where you share ideas, and everyone benefits from it. You need to understand that there’s more than enough success to go around.

Think of your mindset as a voice

Do you know how does a mindset manifest itself? It controls the way you talk to yourself in the privacy of your own head. Understanding this fact is the first step towards achieving a growth mindset.

When you’re about to do something new and challenging, listen to the voice that comes from within. Do you hear something like, “Are you sure you can do it? Don’t you think you’ll fail? This is not meant for you. You’re going to be a failure.” And if you fail, your voice might say, “You don’t have the talent. You can’t do it, you fail.”

Well, these are the signs of a fixed mindset that undermine your potential for success. If you spot such a mindset, you know what to do – go for the growth mentality.

Mindset new psychology for success: Be willing to fail

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t succeed is they’re afraid to fail. The fear of failing can keep you from starting something in the first place. In fact, no one climbed to the top of the mountain in a day. You need to take the first step, believe in yourself, and keep on trying over and over and over again. You’ll fall, but instead of fearing failure, embrace it.

There’s a philosophy called WTF (Willing to Fail); the only way to grow is to learn, and the only way to learn is to make mistakes. Risk can be scary, but stagnation is worse – the more you fear you’ll fail, the more likely it is that you will. Keep in mind that if you’re not trying, you’re failing anyway. So, why not take a chance and fail like a real badass?

Have a long-term vision

You need short-term goals to take action, but a long-term vision helps you recognize your destination. This rule applies to all situations – if you’re trying to start a business, switching jobs, or trying to climb the corporate ladder. Before you create a strategy, and set your short-term goals, pen down a long-term vision that defines success for you.

Be a visionary person, and focus more on where you or your business is going instead of how you’ll get there. Your vision should be crystal clear snapshot of how you’ll look, feel, and act in the next three or five years. It keeps you motivated and aligned to succeed.

Play by the rules, but don’t be afraid to break them

Do you know why troublemakers at school become the most successful? They have a rebellious nature, and they are willing to change the rules. People who stay in their comfort zones always end up on the following side and not on the leading side. People who want to succeed are willing to break things and change the world. Success is all about guts, gumption, and productivity, so if you want to succeed, you better get comfortable playing outside the court.

Listen to your gut

We all overthink, and it’s okay to do it once in a while. But if you second guess the decisions you make, you’ll not get anything done. Doubting yourself and your decisions is not the way to go if you want success. Besides, overthinking leads to rumination, a potentially career-ruining process of dwelling on the past.

There will be times in life when you’ll need to make tough decisions, and you’ll need to make them quickly. So, stop letting your lizard brain take control of your actions and thoughts. Instead, start acting on the instincts and follow your gut. And in most cases, your intuition will put you in the right direction.

Be positive in whatever you do

If you want to take away one thing from this article, this should be it. It’s proven that positive people are happier and more successful than negative people. Be an optimist, and try to see the good in every situation. If you’re falling short on some aspect of your job or business, don’t see it as an impediment. Consider it as a temporary obstacle and figure out a way to overcome it.

Find gratitude and celebrate other’s success

Another critical factor in achieving success is to cultivate gratitude by celebrating often and being happy for other’s success. When you acknowledge and get delighted in others’ successes, you’ll get rid of feelings of bitterness or resentment. These feelings will allow you to focus on positive things and achieve greater success.

You can’t receive that which you resent. So, if you get upset about other people’s success, you won’t be able to achieve the level of success you desire.


The concept of mindset is simple yet complicated. It’s all about how you treat it. You should have clarity of thoughts to make quick decisions, and a strong gut to back them up. You won’t always succeed, and sometimes, your decisions may even backfire. But it’s okay as long as you know what you’re doing, and you believe in yourself.