5 Best Online Writing Apps For Collaborators

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 Collaborative writing, which also means team writing, is a kind of creating scripted work with a group of members composing group assignments. Group work requires coordination, planning, and communication with each other. It benefits in progressing experience and knowledge in the respective job. There are Online Writing Apps For Collaborators since Collaborative writing is a procedure of group work that succeeds by sharing the work among all the participants equally, periodic interactions between each other, and focusing on a single and specific objective.

Today, we have different applications that enable collaborating with everyone involved in teamwork and also applications that help you in getting better with words by unscrambling. We have various features in several apps that will allow sharing documents, right online, and edit writings. The following are some of the significant elements to look into a collaborative writing app.

  • The application that is utilized for collaborative writing must be apt to share documents handily to your colleagues and collaborators.
  • Must be possessing a feature of commenting on a particular line in the document by collaborators.
  • Consisting of multiple edits by several people at once without getting confused or tripping over each other.
  • Permitting modifications, made in a document after collaborators have reviewed them, also have the option of accepting or rejecting the changes.

Some of the benefits for online collaborators and online collaboration tools are

  • Everyone can work together at the same time on the same project with adequate cost savings.
  • The task can be done faster by conserving physical space.
  • The collaboration tools have all the track of various projects from the latest modifications made to how the document was before the amendments.
  • Projects or materials can be easily organized and performed earlier than the usual.
 Here are the 5 bestOnline Writing Apps For Collaborators : –
  1. Microsoft Word Online 
  2. Dropbox Paper
  3. Draft
  4. Quip
Google Docs

Google Docs is an application that enables creating and editing the text of documents in the browser without any software required. Docs are accessible in multiple forms and devices. Some of them are Web Application, Windows, App for Android Mobile, Blackberry, and Desktop Application. Google Docs released 14 years ago on March 9, 2006. It is accessible in 100 languages. It is not only an application to create documents but also can produce drawings, presentations, and spreadsheets. 

The users can also choose whether others can edit and comment on their papers or not. Multiple users can edit the changes in the same document by seeing the changes made by others. Download the Google docs app and get started by creating a document and share with others.

Microsoft Word Online

It is an application that enables people to edit and create text in documents. It was released 36 years ago on October 25, 1983. One can work with the papers instantly on the website where the document is stored. 

The documents in Microsoft Word Online can be shared with anyone and work together in real-time. It is a word processor created by Microsoft. Initially, it was released in the year 1983 under the name of multi-tool word for Xenix systems. But the successive editions for it were later composed for several other platforms. 

Dropbox Paper

Paper is free stuff from Dropbox. The Dropbox paper is something greater than a document. It’s a workspace where one can bring his/her own innovation and coordination together. There are several objectives of Dropbox paper which include

  • Marketing
  • Creative Works
  • HR
  • IT
  • Product
  • Sales

Some of the significant features of Dropbox paper comprises of

  • Maintains every document customized
  • Can work with many more features along with the words
  • Can provide and receive better feedback 

With the Dropbox paper, you can create to-do’s, add due dates, and comment on people from within the document itself. Also, you have a feature of commenting on a specific part of an image, document, or a line. Dropbox paper transforms a document into a presentation. Hence, make paper your project manager!


You can write and compose much better with a draft. This is a go-to version of access and collaboration to work within for writers. Some of the significant features of the draft application include

  • Team Collaboration
  • Cloud Sync
  • Draft
  • Transcription Tools
  • Hemingway Mode
  • Version Control
  • Presentations
  • Finding Old Works
  • Web-hooks

You don’t need any free text editors; what you require is to discover ways to write briefly and clearly. As you go on creating various documents, you can mark significant versions of your work in Draft. The documents from the Draft can be quickly published to WordPress, Blogger, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Quip applications can be utilized for sales and also services. It ensures and provides all the customers with high protection, privacy, and security level. 

There are some more progressive security features that help the customers in enriching trust, transparency, obedience, and governance for the most security-conscious organizations. The Quip application is trusted by Amazon, Facebook, Citibank, and 21st Century Fox.