gaming subscriptions to keep you entertained

gaming subscriptions

If you play a lot of games and you like plenty of variety and choice then signing up to gaming subscriptions makes a lot of sense. Not only will you most likely save money in the long run but you’ll also often get early access to new games, exclusives and multiplayer functionality. Not all subs are the same however, and you need to consider carefully which is best for your needs. That will include the choice of games on offer, the platforms supported and whether you’re likely to get value for money.

Nintendo Switch Online

This is a very affordable option for a family or a group of friends, as you can take out an annual family subscription that supports eight separate Nintendo accounts. If it’s just you, then individual monthly, three-monthly and yearly subscriptions also offer great value. You’ll get full access to the growing library of NES and SNES games, multiplayer functionality and the ability to back up and save your games to the cloud. There are also discounts and special offers in the Nintendo store and a smartphone app that gives you access to voice chat while playing.

Google Stadia

Relatively new but looking likely to be a big player in the market, Google’s cloud-based streaming service lets you turn your TV set or PC into a games console, with access to an impressive library of classic and current titles. Those who want to play at the best NJ casinos are better looking elsewhere however, and you’ll need to buy a Chromecast Ultra and controller for your TV on top of the subscription fee.

Humble Choice

The Humble Choice Premium service is pretty expensive, but this new subscription option has raised over $165m for charity since it launched in 2019. The curated and themed monthly bundles are pay what you want, and you get nine free games in return for your donation. Part of that goes to support the charity of your choice. A monthly paid subscription gives you access to the Humble Trove archive of previous bundles, and the premium service also gives you a 20% discount at the Humble store. 

Xbox Ultimate Game Pass

Whether you’re an Xbox or a PC gamer, you can’t go wrong with this subscription, as games can be played on either platform. Get full access to the extensive game library plus up to four free games every month and a selection of perks in the form of add-ons that change each month. You’ll also get discounts at the Microsoft store and access to every Xbox Game Studio game on the day of release.

PlayStation Now

For a monthly sub, you get streaming access to the extensive Sony PlayStation library, free titles every month and the ability to stream games to your PC as well as your console. Play on one device then save and resume on another gaming subscriptions. You also get a wide selection of exclusives, including many family-friendly games. PS Plus gives you two free games per month that you can keep for as long as your subscription lasts, discounts, perks, extra cloud storage and Share Play, meaning you can play with friends even if they don’t have the game in question.

Take your pick of these five top gaming subscriptions services. Any of them should give you plenty to keep you active and entertained for a very long time indeed.