How can we protect our eyes from blue light?

eyes from blue light

Blue light glasses are the answer to protect the eyes from blue light. Blue light is the harmful ray that is emitted from the digital device, LED devices, fluorescent lighting etc.  And you cannot escape from it considering the fact that you are surrounded by digital devices throughout the day. 

What are the harmful effects of blue light?

Blue light is extremely harmful to the body, it not only affects the eyes but also the sleeping pattern.  When you are continuously exposed to the blue light through laptop, computer, smartphones etc. you are straining your eyes. The regular use of blue light leads to problems related to eyes such as strain, stress, weakness, pain, redness, dryness, digital eye strain, and even retinal damage.

The major problem that the blue light creates is the sleeping disorder. Blue light is responsible for regulating the secretion of Melatonin hormone in the body. During the day, in the presence of sunlight, the blue light triggers our brain which regulates the secretion of Melatonin to keep us awake. This way, blue light is beneficial to us. Whereas in darkness, when there is an absence of blue light, the brain sends a signal to the Melatonin hormone secretion which stimulates sound sleep. However, nowadays, instead of reading books or listening to music before sleeping, we stick to our smartphones to check out social media, chatting, streaming videos etc. Hence, we are exposed to the blue light emission through a smartphone which causes disturbance in our sleep, either we find it difficult to sleep or we are unable to sleep and remain awake till late hours. All this is due to the side effects or the ill effects of blue light exposure to the body. 

How can we secure our eyes from blue light?

Having mentioned the problems and the ill effects of blue light, now come the question as to how we can protect our eyes from blue light. One of the best ways to protect eyes from blue light is to use anti-blue light glasses or the blue light glasses whenever you are using the digital screen devices that tend to emit blue light rays.  Since, blue light is also reflected by LED bulbs, fluorescent lighting, television etc. there is no harm if you consider wearing your blue light filter glasses 24 x 7.

Blue light glasses consist of an anti-blue light advance protection coating that prevents the blue light from passing through the glasses.  Such glasses block the blue light on the surface itself and do not let it pass through and reach the eyes. Therefore, the most effective remedy to combat blue light is blue light filter glasses.

Even if you wear computer glasses without prescription or prescription eyeglasses, you can have an anti-blue light coating on them.

Another protective layer of coating that the blue light filter glasses have is the anti-glare coating. This coating prevents the glares and reflections from disturbing the clarity and focus of the vision. Blue light filter glasses allow only the light rays without blue light to pass through the glasses and the anti-glare coating on the inside and outside surface blocks all glares and reflections. This helps in better vision clarity and saves eyes from straining otherwise.

Can I buy glasses online to protect my eyes?

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