8 Signs That Selling Your Company Is a Good Idea


When you are opening a business, you need to be motivated and wise to make the right choices to encourage company growth and profit. You must also use wisdom when deciding whether or not to keep that business before it’s too late and you suffer a huge loss.

It’s rare for a business to continue generation after generation. Only 30% of businesses survive the second generation and half that survive the third generation. When a business is no longer helpful or profitable, selling your company may be the best choice. If you aren’t sure whether or not to sell your business, take a look at these signs that selling would be best.

1. The Market Is Shifting

There are businesses that can last for years and remain the same. There are businesses that last for years because they are good at adapting and changing. Understanding the ever-changing market and what people want can be a hard thing to do. What’s popular for a year or two may not be later down the road.

If you are unable to find ways to keep your customers attracted during these changes, you will lose them. This, of course, means you will lose profit. Brainstorming to find ways to stay alive in the market is tough and doesn’t work for everyone. When you are head-deep, you should exit before your head is above water.

2. There Is Another Opportunity

There are some people who open a company keeping profit in mind. Since money is the main motivator, people will work doing businesses that make good money whether they enjoy it or not.

When your business and you are successful, there are times you notice a new opportunity that presents itself. You should take advantage of that and grab it, especially if that opportunity is doing something you enjoy. In this sense, when you sell a company, you’re not losing anything.

You are upgrading. This could also mean you have the opportunity to gain more profit or experience.

3. You Now Lack the Skill

When you start off in a company, you will find something you can do. As a company grows, you may feel smaller when you find you are less helpful. It can be a tough reality to face. Once you make a certain amount of money in your business, things do change at times, and you have to accept when you no longer have the skills.

Recognizing this and having the humility to do something about it is hard, but selling may be for the best. Selling your company doesn’t take away from the work you did to grow it.

4. You Often Think About Retiring

When you have a business, you are entitled to do anything you want with it even if that means letting it go and retiring. If you own a business that is physically demanding, as with a heating and air company, you may decide it’s time to let go.

Maybe you feel accomplished and you have enough money you need to live off the rest of your life or you want to do something else. You should be able to retire at any time you want to do what you want. Retiring isn’t reserved for older adults only.

5. You No Longer Have the Drive

People change and you shouldn’t feel ashamed if you find you lack the motivation you once had with your business. Some business owners may hit a point where they no longer enjoy their business. Sometimes it could be the work itself they dislike.

For others, it may be due to personal or business issues in regards to other people. When you grow a business, you have to hire others to help you. While this is a great milestone, you may also have to deal with the bad aspects it brings.

This could mean you have to fire or discipline others. You may have to work in an area you don’t have an interest in just to keep your business running. Maybe there are one too many problems that occur and you hate sorting challenging issues. If you can’t find ways to stay motivated, you should consider selling.

6. You’re Spending a Lot of Money

If you’re spending tons of money to keep your business on its feet, it’s no longer helping you. At this point, your company is an expensive risk. Sometimes there are risks that aren’t worth taking when the outcome is unknown. Before you find yourself in debt, you should sell your company.

7. It’s a Source of Stress

Sometimes, owning a business isn’t worth it when it is the source of your stress. Stress every now and then is normal, but constant stress is not. If you notice you are anxious or depressed due to your business, you need to consider letting it go to breathe again.

You could be straining yourself, living on several medications to stand, but this will only break you down more in the long run. It also doesn’t treat the source of the problem.

8. Growth Stunt

When your business is stagnant, you may find the profit you make decreases over time. When a company doesn’t grow, you start to compensate by letting certain things go and letting people go. There are times making a few alterations helps fix or revive a business.

There are other times it doesn’t. Before you lose everything, you should consider selling your business if you’re experiencing this.

There Are Times Selling Your Company Is a Wise Choice

When you start a business from scratch, it means a lot more to you. You put your blood, sweat, and tears into making the business what it is. Letting that business go can feel hard because it has become like a child to you.

However, as with anything in life, there are moments where situations in your life are just a phase. They pass and there is another stage. If you lack the physical or mental capacity to continue your business, find you’re struggling financially or found an incredible new opportunity.

Selling your company may hurt at first, but in the back of your mind, you know it’s for the best. Or maybe you will see it later down the road. Don’t feel trapped staying in your business just because you created it. It’s ok to let go and move on to something else.

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