Casual Shirts – The Perfect Gift for Teenagers

Casual Shirts for teenagers

Casual Shirts for teenagers is the perfect gift for teens to give. It is very hard to select a gift for someone, especially teenagers. As they have a diverse interest, so selecting the dream gift is a big challenge. We will help you out in selecting the best gift for teenagers and it’s guaranteed that they will love it. Despite being boy or a girl, versatile, comfy, and smart promotional polo t-shirts are ideal for teenagers. You can find a huge range of polo shirts. And if we talk about promotional shirts, you can find loads and loads of options.

Here are some popular types of polo shirts available in the market:

●       Short-sleeve Polo Shirts:

This is the most common type of polo and very popular among teenagers. You can find a range of materials according to season and preference. It mostly has soft collars with one to four buttons below it.

●       Pique Polo Shirts:

Most people pronounce it as “peek” which is not correct, the actual pronunciation is “pee-kay”. This is the material of the shirt. And most of the polo shirts are made from this material. This stuff has built-in elasticity and many popular brands use this material for polos.

●       Wool Polo Shirts:

Wool polos are best for winters. These have sleeve cuffs with buttons. They give cozy look and perfect for sports, gym, or any other casual wear. A wool promotional polo shirt is the best gift you can give to a teenager. Wool polos are not only popular among boys but also among girls.

●       Long Sleeve Polo Shirts:

This type of polo shirt resembles a wool polo shirt but the difference is in the material. Long sleeve polo is ideal for every season. If you’re afraid of getting sunburn in summers, you can select long sleeve polo. These are very comfortable and sleeves can easily be rolled up.

●       Golf Polo Shirts:

Mostly, teenagers are not fond of playing golf but in some rare cases, this fact is inverted. If you are planning to give a gift to a teenager who loves to play golf, this will be the best gift. This type of shirt can absorb moisture and helps in controlling the temperature of the body. Another attribute is that these have very soft collars specially designed for athletes. These are also ideal for the gym.

●       Rugby Polo Shirts:

These are heavy, long sleeve, and durable polos. This type of polo has stripes in alternating colors. Most combinations are white. Collars and cuffs are white in all designs and variants. It is having soft collars with mostly two buttons below it, cuffs are buttonless and stretchable.