How to Retrieve AOL Mail ?


In the modern workplace, email is a vital tool. Creating an account, sending and receiving emails, etc., is fundamental to work and study. Numerous options in AOL Mail can help you manage, personalize, and use your email. Users can create the most customized mailbox experience possible using its most notable feature. Emails frequently contain important announcements and information, so deleting or mistakenly cleaning up important AOL mail can be a pain.

Is it possible to recover the deleted one? Don’t worry. This article will detail how to retrieve AOL mail on computers and mobile devices. Here, you’ll find efficient and practical techniques for recovering AOL mail.

What is AOL Mail?

AOL Mail is a fully functional email client program for startups, SMEs, and large businesses. End-to-end web app solutions are offered by AOL Mail. This online email client system provides email automation, automated email notifications, email and SMS alerts, email backup in one location, and email sending.

AOL, a part of Yahoo! Inc., offers a free web-based email service called AOL Mail. The feature not only receives and organizes emails but also helps block particular emails. Since the beginning of electronic mail, AOL has been a leader in email. Many people still use AOL for all of their email requirements.

You can mistakenly delete an email as an AOL user, or you might need to recover a lost email to get more information. How can I get my AOL deleted emails back? Read on to learn how to retrieve AOL mail and where to receive help and information from AOL user care.

The Essentials for Recovering Deleted AOL Emails

Don’t panic if you’re unsure how to retrieve AOL mail back. Instead, remember a few crucial details to retrieve your email quickly. Pay close attention to the points given below.

  1. To recover your deleted AOL email, check your Trash folder. You also don’t need a specific retrieval application in such a situation. You’ll have the best chance of finding an AOL email you recently deleted in the Trash folder.
  2. Create alternate folders: For example, if you don’t want to save your emails in the inbox, you must create alternative folders. Then, you can make two distinct folders, create a “may new later” folder or “for a later use,” and move the emails.
  3. You must carefully review the emails before deleting them to ensure they don’t include personal information. The emails you decide won’t help you in the future must be deleted by you alone.

How can I get my AOL mail account’s lost emails back?

a. Software to Recover Email

If you have joined your AOL email to Outlook on your device, there are email recovery apps you can use to retrieve your deleted AOL email. Instead of using the AOL server, these apps search the local database for emails.

By following a few simple procedures in your email account, you may quickly recover emails in AOL that have been in the trash folder for seven days or fewer. The AOL server administrator or email recovery program may be able to retrieve older emails, but it will take more time and effort (and maybe cost money). Contact AOL user support here if you need any additional details or help.

b. Recover the emails from the trash folder 

If the inbox of your AOL mail account is empty, you should first check the trash folder.

Now, look there to see if you can find the lost emails. If so, you must add them again to your AOL mail account.

  1. Launch your browser.
  2. Log into your AOL mail account at
  3. Click the trash can icon.
how to retrieve aol mail

4.Choose the emails you want to recover.

5.Hit the “More” button.

c. From the move to section, choose the restore folder’s location

When AOL emails stop appearing in the inbox folder, you should check the other folders, including Spam. Can you locate the lost folders? If so, you must add them back to the inbox. You should then review the spam and filter settings. 

From the move to section, choose the restore folder's location 

d. Examine the Mail Filters 

You should check the account filter settings to see if certain recent or particular emails from the Account are missing from AOL Mail. Most likely, you have some filter turned on that is designating the emails as Spam.

  1. Open your AOL Mail account now.
  2. Select the Options button.
  3. Pick Mail Settings from the menu.
  4. Select Filter Settings by clicking.

Examine the Mail Filters 

5. You must click the filter options here.

6. Delete the filter now.

e. Look for the Recent Activity

Despite your efforts, AOL Mail may still delete some of your emails. Look into the most recent activity, please. You must access the mail settings. To do that, click on the most recent activity.

If you see any unusual activity, such as an unauthorized login, please report it. The emails are being deleted because someone has access to your AOL mail account, which is terrible news. You should safeguard your Account and reset the password in this situation. Call the AOL customer service team immediately; they will recover the erased emails forever.

f. Inspect the server’s status

Although it seldom happens, mail occasionally vanishes due to server problems when specific bugs are present on the AOL mail servers.

The emails from the AOL email account will begin to be automatically deleted. Therefore, you must wait until AOL declares the bug to be fixed. Suppose you cannot locate the missing from your AOL mail account. Please get in touch with the AOL support staff.

g. Adjust the Browser Functionalities

The browser needs to be fixed occasionally because of problems with AOL mail. The cookies cannot load new data using an outdated browser. Your inbox could be empty.

You can verify that error by logging into your AOL mail account using a different device or browser. If you discover the lost emails, this indicates that the browser is the source of the issue. The Account needs the following adjustments from you.

  1. Fix any issues with the cache, cookies, or browsing history.
  2. Update the add-ons and extensions.
  3. Additionally, update the browser.
  4. Restart your browser.

How to retrieve AOL mail That Have Been Permanently Deleted?

AOL permanently deletes emails in the trash folder for more than seven days to prevent storage from overloading. You can retrieve emails permanently deleted from your AOL accounts in a few different methods, such as obtaining them from the AOL server or email recovery software.

How to retrieve AOL mail

There is little probability of getting the AOL mail you previously used back if it is wiped out of the trash folder. However, if you’ve ever added AOL to Outlook on a Windows PC, a local folder to store those email files will be present. It is advised to look in your PC’s File Manager. You can use email recovery software if it has been permanently deleted from your machine. You can restore deleted and lost files, including pictures, emails, videos, and other office documents, using data recovery software.

Retrieve Using the AOL Server

You can contact the AOL Server administrator here for assistance with email recovery if a crucial email was accidentally permanently deleted from your Account. Please note that using this method might get expensive and require paying fees to cover the cost of getting emails from the AOL server.


Losing important emails can be extremely risky, no matter whether you use them for personal reasons or for professional work. With the techniques of how to retrieve AOL mail mentioned in this article, one can easily avoid losing data, and important messages, and retrieve communication.