Top 10 Pokemon Go Tips For Beginners

pokemon go tips

Pokemon Go tips is the hot topic people search the internet, Pokemon Go is an awesome game which is based on real-time location tracking, Though it is released in few countries such as the US and few other countries, People tend to play in cracked servers and many other black hat ways to play this game while some are waiting for game to launch officially, There are many things which beginners have to learn to become professional in this games.

In this article, I am going to provide you with the best Pokemon Go tips which every beginner need to know, I would advise you to read the article carefully, In order to excel in this game, From the days of childhood people are fond of Pokemon games, They used to play Pokemon ROMs such as Fire Red, leaf green.



10 Must Pokemon Go Tips That A Beginner Must Know

If you already started the game or you are just going to start, Then please keep this tips in your brain.

  1. As soon as you start the game, You can select whatever basic Pokemon you want to start. Three basic Pokemon’s such as Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle appears at the start, You can choose any one of the Pokemon to start your Pokemon journey, What to do? If you want a Pikachu, There is a simple trick, You have to ignore the three basic Pokemon’s 4 times and the fifth time Pikachu will appear, You can catch it easily.
  2. When a Pokemon appears in front of you, There will be circles appearing over the face of Pokemon, Green circle indicates it is an easy one to catch, Orange circle indicates it is moderate to catch and the Red circle indicates its really tough to catch.
  3. You can also spin the Pokeballs to catch Pokemon, There will be greater chances of  Pokemon to get caught in your Pokeballs.
  4. As a beginner, You have to visit a lot of Pokestops, Spin the wheel to get a good number of goodies and items which help you in your journey.
  5. In the game, You would use a new term called CP, It is called combat points, It indicates the strength of your Pokemon, The higher the combat points, The tougher is your Pokemon to fight with.
  6. There are lots of Gyms around you, You can go there and fight with the boss, You can select one Pokemon, Make sure you select a Pokemon which is strong in nature against the Pokemon which Gym leader has, At top make sure you look for the special ability bar to fill up, And you can use that special ability to heavily damage your opponents.
  7. After capturing particular Gym, Make sure you keep a strong Pokemon on the Gym, Analyse the kinds of Pokemons around the area, If there are bug and insect variety pokemons, Make sure you keep a flying Pokemon up there which is really strong than all.
  8. Try to catch all the Pokemons present in the game, Have an aim of clearing all your Pokedex stuff and of course, capturing Pokemon will give you large XP, And you can also collect large evolutionary varieties of those Pokemons.
  9. If you cannot find Pokemon for a long time, Make sure you use lure modules which attracts the Pokemon to your surroundings, You can use your tool to find what are the Pokemon present around you, You can go to the area where it is present and if they are not coming out, You can use your lure modules to make they come out, This thing will also help other trainers and Pokemon will appear in front of them too.
  10. While playing the game, Please beware of your surroundings, Keep an eye on roads, And people around you, This game can lead to disasters. So play it carefully. And also you will be traveling a lot, So make sure you keep your batteries full or better you could carry a power bank.



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