4 Mac Tips and Trick to Help You Become a Mac Pro User

mac tips and tricks

Do you have a MacBook? Perhaps you’ve invested in the MacBook Pro 16 inch with a new magic keyboard. Maybe you’ve had your Mac a while and now you know the basics you want to become a pro user.

A Mac computer is designed to be intuitive and to make your life simpler so getting to know about all of the different tasks and functions is a valuable use of your time.

Here’s what you need to know about the best Mac tips and tricks.

1. Use Sidecar

Do you also own an iPad? If not why not? In 2020 Apple’s iPad lineup looks to get even better. If you do then you can take advantage of Apple’s unique ecosystem by adding using your iPad and Mac in tandem. With sidecar, you can use your iPad as a second screen for your MacBook.

You don’t need a cable to connect your iPad or your computer together, you just need to make sure they are both on the same WiFi network. This means you can do some work while using the other screen for entertainment purposes such as a film or a television show.

You could even have your note-taking app on one screen and your calendar on the other or a Word or Pages document.

2. Use Your Favourites Bar

One of the best Mac tips is to use your favorites bar. Remember you can organize your favorites into folders so you can easily access the websites you need.

It’s all too easy to have a million tabs open all at once and be too scared to close them down in fear of losing them. Your favorite bar can help you out. If you see a news article or a video on YouTube you want to see then you can add it to your favorites bar to use another time.

Firefox and Safari both have browsers with favorite bars built in that you can organize into folders. Firefox allows you to sign in to its browser. This means you can access any of your favorite folders regardless of what device you are using.

Perfect if you are looking up something on your laptop but are about to head off to catch the bus to work and want to continue on your cell phone or tablet.

3. Download Some Good Apps

One way to become a Mac pro user is to download some great apps that can really improve your productivity and your entertainment life.

You can’t download Netflix or Amazon Prime on a Macbook but you can download the Apple TV app that can help you organize your television habits. If you have bought a new Apple device you also get a year’s free subscription.

Another app you should consider downloading is the Kindle App. This is perfect for reading books and it also enables you to download books from the internet onto your Kindle device.

Because of the lockdown, there is now an increasing tendency for people to participate in online book clubs. Often the organizer will give out the e-book for a fee or even for free. Classic books are also free.

You will need to download them to the app and then using the app connect your Kindle using a USB cable and then download them that way.

Remember if you want to read on your Mac screen you will probably want to turn off your keyboard light to concentrate fully on the book. Follow this link for instructions on what to do: https://setapp.com/how-to/turn-off-keyboard-light-on-mac

Also consider using Horo, a time app that sits in your menu bar at the top of your screen. This is perfect for getting things done. It’s very easy when we are working remotely and on our own to let time get the better of us. One cat video can turn into a whole afternoon wasted.

The app is very easy to use, you just press on the egg timer on your menu bar, type in the time you want to set it for and then press enter.

4. Use the Split Screen

You can take full advantage of your screen by utilizing the menu bar with Horo and splitting your screen in two so you have three things going on at once that you can refer to.

If you need to refer to a report or a web page while writing a document, perhaps to quote it you can use split-screen to have both your web browser or Preview open at the same time as your word processor app.

To activate the split-screen press and hold the green button on one of the three traffic light buttons in the left-hand corner of your page. It should give you three options to send your current window to the left or the right-hand side of your screen.

Once your current window has shifted to one side of the screen you will then have the option of opening another window on the remaining portion of your desktop. Not all of the windows are available in split-screen. It depends upon the program.

Mac Tips and Tricks: Learn the Art of Using a Mac

Your Mac is a powerful machine. It’s capable of some serious computing power and making your life easier if you use it in the correct way.

Make full use of Apple’s ecosystem by using Apple’s Sidecar with an iPad so that you can use both screens together.

Be sure to download productivity apps such as Horo, the menu bar timer, and a good notes app like Sidenotes to help you get more done at work during these quarantine times.

Finally, make full use of split-screen and have more than one window open at once rather than closing one window and opening another.

If you are interested in learning more Mac tips and tricks be sure to check out the rest of our site.