Top 5 Browser Based Games To Kill Time

browser games on virteract

Browser based games are a fun and simple way to take a break or kill time. Browser based games work within the browser and many of them do not require any additional hardware to run on computers. There are several browser based games on Virteract which will definitely capture your attention and we list 5 of them:


Against The Dead

against the dead

Against The Dead is an incredibly addictive game because of the unique gameplay. You are cornered by zombies and has only a gun, minefields, and grenades to save the day.  You have to shoot the zombies until they reach the minefield and blow themselves up. The game does put up a challenge right from level one and anyone looking for a game that keeps them on their toes should definitely give Against The Dead a try.  The look and the feel of the game are dark and dreary and work well to bring you right into the groove.

Click Here To Play Against The Dead


Cut The Rope (Time Travel)

cut the rope

If a puzzle’s your deal, Cut The Rope (Time Travel) is the ideal game for you. The game has one of the easiest controls but keeps you engaged all through with the puzzle elements. You have to ensure that the characters in the game get the candy that’s hanging via rope. You then have to cut the rope at the right time to ensure that the characters get the candy. The puzzles in the game are unique and will keep puzzle lovers interested for hours together. This game promises hours of gameplay and memorable experience for anyone who decides to play.

Click Here To Play Cut The Rope


Symphonic Bus Tour

symphonic bus tour

If physics and puzzles interest you, Symphonic Bus Tour is definitely made with you in mind. The player has to control a bus that carries various musical instruments and direct it to a specific location. The gameplay is quite realistic and challenges the player at every point. Special notice to the retro graphics that are a nice touch. Physics games are rare and Symphonic Bus Tour is one of the few that gets it all right.

Click Here To Play Symphonic Bus Tour


Jack the Fugitive

jack the fugitive

Jack the Fugitive is the perfect blend of puzzle and shooter action that will keep the player hooked for hours. The game has a very interesting storyline and the player has to complete various levels to complete the storyline of the game. The game is one of the few side-scrollers that succeed in keeping players interested.

Click Here To Play Jack The Fugitive


Ocean Crash

ocean crash

Puzzle games are fun, addictive and a great experience if done right and Ocean Crash is one of the few games that are. The gameplay is simple – you have to match the objects and they disappear, enabling you to earn points. The other good part about this game is the zany music that definitely works towards making the game a more enjoyable experience.

Click Here To Play Ocean Crash


These are just some of the addictive and interesting games on this website. We hope you enjoy playing them and all the other games on our website! If you enjoyed playing games on Virteract, share your favorites in the comments below.